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Wichita, Kansas 2021-09-14 14:29:09 –

MARYSVILLE (KSNT) – Marysville police chief lost his job and his wife, along with several others, confronted the city council over his departure on Monday.

A spokesperson for the city of Marysville could not provide details on why former MPD chief Todd Ackerman was dismissed from his position, but confirmed to KSNT News that he had not been arrested.

Records show that during a city council meeting on Monday, several people, including Todd’s wife Jada Ackerman, stood on the podium to discuss the dismissal of the police chief. She had a quarter to infer that there are two sides to the unspecified situation at the expense of her husband’s work, and invited the council to ask her what really happened.

“Some people may be wondering if I’m honest. In fact, you can see one side, right? … People who chose you in your position ask you questions to me, or the other side. What if you see or want to see? … The truth is that the seats you have are theirs, not yours. The decisions you make in those seats are It should represent what they want. “

When she leaves the podium, the audience at the conference applauds her. Watch the meeting records below for public comments on Ackerman’s dismissal.

Another man approaches the podium and reads a letter from Ackerman’s son Noah. He said he was “overwhelmed” by what happened to his father.

“… Today I’m not proud to call this place my home. It’s annoying to see people who want to take away community-leading people like my dad … The legitimate police chief of the town is the most outspoken, honest and credible man I have ever met. He is, yes, I wouldn’t have to write this letter today. “

Noah Ackerman

Tyson Anderson, a man reading Noah’s letter, made his own comments, further implying that the chief had been removed from his position.

“I’m embarrassed and stunned by the actions taken to remove Prime Minister Ackerman from his position on Friday, September 3, for no reason or reason,” Anderson said. “It is your job as a city council to do what is in the best interests of the community, and allowing one individual to have the sole power to dismiss the person he wants is in the best interests of the community. Not. “

Todd Ackerman’s lawyer later told KSNT News that it was another date when the chief was fired, September 9. His dismissal could financially hurt Marysville. His comments were once again applauded by the audience.

The city council did not immediately respond in any way to letters from Ackerman’s wife Anderson and the son of the former chief at the meeting. At least 15 other members of the audience also spoke on the podium in support of Ackermann. When a woman in the audience asked the city council directly what she had done to remove Ackerman, the members said they could not comment.

KSNT News is working to find out more about what happened with Ackerman’s dismissal as police chief.

Police chief’s wife confronts Marysville’s council after he’s fired Source link Police chief’s wife confronts Marysville’s council after he’s fired

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