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Boise, Idaho (AP) — A new document from a complex investigation of women accused of colluding to kill a child and husband is a cult-like belief system of “zombies” and “vibrations.” In addition to stupid details, collapsing marriages and incidents, events.

Documents from the Chandler Police Department in Arizona detail the lives of Lori and Chad Dabel through text messages, computer files, and interviews with close friends and family.

Both have been charged in Idaho with plots to kill Lori’s children, 7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow and 17-year-old Tyrie Ryan. They face the same crime with the death of Chad’s ex-wife, Tammy Dabel. Tammy Dabel died suddenly at her home in eastern Idaho and shared it with Chad Daybell. Investigators became suspicious after Chad Daybell married Lori two weeks later.

The children were missing for months, but their bodies were eventually found buried in the yard outside the house in eastern Idaho, Chad Dabel.

Lori Dabel has also been charged in Arizona with the help of her late brother Alex Cox for murdering her formerly estranged husband, Charles Vallow. It was Charles Burrow’s death on July 11, 2019, that began the Chandler police investigation. More than 50 files from a survey containing hundreds of pages of police reports and dozens of video and audio recordings were released by police on Wednesday.

In the main research report, Chandler police detectives believe that Charles Valor was killed, and his suspected murderer was Valor’s desire for life insurance, a desire for each other, and a strange religious affair. He wrote that he was motivated by his beliefs.

“All these obvious acts were done, so Lori was finally with Chad Daybell and was reportedly able to complete their mission on this planet,” police said. I wrote in the report. “This belief system, desire, and greed will lead to the deaths of Tyrie Ryan, JJ Vallow, and Tammy Dabel.”

Chad Daybell pleaded not guilty to the indictment. Lori Dabel has not yet entered a plea — she is being treated at a mental health facility because a judge has determined she is not yet capable of going to trial. Daybells lawyers did not respond to phone messages requesting comment.

According to a survey, Chad Daybell met Lori Valov in 2018, and the two soon became intimate. Within a short time they were traveling to meet each other, and at some point Chad Dabel wrote a sultry short story for Lorivarov based on two characters he met at a religious council like Chad and Lori. I did.

By May 2019, Lorivarov had been searching online for gems similar to those that would later appear in wedding rings.

According to computers and phones, Chad Dabel and Lori Valov communicate with each other using codenames and pet names such as Lili, Baby and Rafael, instead within the “burner” phone and popular karaoke phone applications. Sometimes I used a messaging system. Files found by investigators.

According to researchers, as their relationship grew, so did their cult-like religious beliefs. Some family members and friends interviewed by the detective explained that they had a belief system focused on strange endings, and admitted that some of their friends had adopted the belief as well. At times, as many as 10 people gathered to pray, drive out evil spirits, and be part of a loose religious group seeking revelation “beyond the spiritual veil.”

The belief that Lori Dabel’s friend explained to the detective was loosely based on the theology of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but they turned to the extreme.

Lori and Chad Daybell reportedly believed in reincarnation, and Lori Dabel was the “goddess” sent to bring about the Second Coming of Christ. The pair are also said to have believed they had special powers, as Lori Dabel told a friend that he could teleport between Arizona and Hawaii. Chad Daybell reportedly told the group that he had a “portal” in his home where he could be revelated and travel to other territories.

Lori Dabel’s best friend Melanie Gibbs tells investigator Chad that Lori Dabel is part of a small selection of people who are supposed to carry out a special spiritual mission. That drew people into the circle of believers.

Those who questioned their beliefs were kicked out of the group, investigators said.

Dabels used a special scoring system to determine whether people were good or bad, Gibbs said. Each person was assigned a number indicating the number of times they had lived before and a “bright” or “dark” rating indicating whether they had a contract with God or Satan. People were also given a “vibration” score and reliability rating, and those with sufficient “vibration” were considered “translated” and had special powers.

Dabel believed that “zombies” were dead people and their bodies were possessed by evil spirits. The group spent time praying to get rid of the zombies, believing that if the zombies succeeded, the possessed would die physically and free their souls from “limbo.”

According to investigators, Lori Dabel told some of her friends that her divorced husband Charles Vallow was a zombie and that some in the group regularly joined her to pray for Valor’s death. rice field. After Valov was shot and killed by Alex Cox during the discussion, Cox reportedly told another believer that he wasn’t feeling sick because he killed the zombies.

The group also believed that once a person was “uplifted,” he could not be held responsible for his actions on Earth.

“Because Lori was already’noble’,” Pastence told investigators. According to their report, “She often claps at the counter and says,’I can’t count!'”

Police investigations also revealed computer documents showing that Charles Valor discovered that his wife had a relationship with Chad Daybell just weeks before his death.

Charles Vallow confronted Lori Vallow in a text message and contacted Tammy Dabel to inform him that his spouse was having an affair.

Investigators did not determine whether Tammy Dabel had read the email from Valov or deleted it without reading it. Eleven days after sending the email, he was shot dead by Cox.

Cox died in December 2019 after collapsing at home. Coroners later determined that he had died of a blood clot in his lungs.

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