Police: Erratic, Armed Driver Arrested – Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas 2021-05-04 09:30:09 –

(Updated at 9:40 am) Arlington County police were able to spread the tense situation that the driver allegedly pulled due to a traffic outage.

The incident took place Friday afternoon at I-395 along Washington Boulevard.

Arlington County Police said, “At around 3:11 pm on April 30, we observed drivers driving irregularly, changing lanes, and repeatedly braking before suddenly stopping on the shoulder of the road. Later, police officers stopped the traffic. ” Crime report.. “As we approached the vehicle, police officers observed the gun on the driver’s lap, facing him in the middle of the holster.”

“The policeman ordered the driver to get the gun,” the crime report continues. “The driver had a suspended license and the vehicle was displaying an inappropriate tag.”

Criminal reports do not indicate whether the gun was intentionally aimed at the police.

According to ACPD, a 26-year-old Alexandrian man was arrested and charged with wielding firearms and assaulting law enforcement officers. According to police, traffic tickets were also issued, including suspension of licenses, improper registration, failure to maintain lanes, too close proximity, and failure to fasten seat belts.

Police: Erratic, Armed Driver Arrested Source link Police: Erratic, Armed Driver Arrested

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