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Federal government launches human smuggling investigation after police find more than 90 people in Texas home

And you took it every morning. Yeah, I’m Darren Edwards. DARYN I am the assistant chief. Homeland security command. I’m here with the prejudiced commander Anthony. The assistant chief was the tattoo commander Megan Howard in the Tactical Operations Division. So, last night we noticed a kidnapped phone call called to give you the latest information on what you saw behind us, and the murder department worked all night and the kidnapped victims The night I got information about where I am. And this morning we were able to get a search warrant for the house behind us in 200 blocks of chess synthon the last 12 days. And in the process, I had the tactical operations team execute a search warrant. And as they entered the house, they realized that this actually turned into a smuggling investigation of smugglers. We are currently in the field so that some of them will be processed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, there are representatives of the murder, mass assault, family victims, special victims department, and sub-department criminal departments. When I entered the house, I noticed that there were more than 90 people inside. And we soon began to evaluate all kinds of special threats. Once I carved it out, I wanted to make sure I could get any kind of medical care. So we had HFD. We are worried that there may be some positive covid cases in the house. Therefore, the route has a health department. They do some quick testing for that. So I’ll leave it at home for now. And I started their investigation. That is our first concern. And at some point, once you know how many positive covid cases you have, you may need to quarantine them. Turn it over, flip it sideways to do the actual research part, and help in every way. it can. And that’s really all I have now. If there are as many as I can answer, I can open the question. Hmm. Yeah. Hmm. Well, we’re in a pandemic and there are some symptomatological people in the house. All right. So there are already people in the house who tell Esther that she can’t smell or taste. And we had some people who had a fever. So we have a health department, we will do some quick tests and take it from there. Hmm. No, there are no children inside. The youngest is probably in their early twenties. And now we think there are about 5 women in the restaurant, and this is now approaching 90. I’m losing 91 somewhere around that. Okay. Absolutely not. No. It was a big surprise when we entered the house and saw what we saw won. When it comes to murder, he was called to a place and gave some hints about the kidnapping last night. That’s all I say about it. But we sought to know exactly where they were all night. That led us to this address and there was considerable information that they were here. Thank you very much. Yeah. Yes, 90 people. Well, you put them all in a room, and uh, in two separate parts, the upper floor and the lower part of the house, it’s a two-story house. So they basically know that you are there and your basic clothes and everything is flocking together. That’s what we saw when we entered. No, no, teacher. Yes yes. Yeah. Get that boy. Yeah. What it is, what it is, that is what we believe. Yeah, that’s what we’re doing, right. That’s what we believe, right. We are still trying to solve them all. I feel bad. Yeah. We actually have some food for them. We brought them food and got water. Thank you very much. Yeah. They said they hadn’t eaten for a while. We feed them. I haven’t heard anything from my neighbors that makes me believe that’s happening. I am very surprised. The following message. Yeah. I was absolutely running, I don’t know any of them yet. We got over it and were arrested. Well, that’s what we’re working on. We have two separate people, as you can imagine who the victims are, that someone will be involved in this. They try to be part of them as soon as they realize we are here, right? And we need to be able to identify, that’s what we’re doing now, and we’re identifying. Yeah. I don’t know that the farm has been restored and drunk. Find out a little about the people at the front desk. Well, that’s the death that HSI is coming to. That’s right. First of all. First of all. We want to treat positive covid cases, if any, so that they can get medical care. Then it identifies and processes everything else. No, that’s all we can tell you. Everyone else looks more than just symptomatological fever, loss of odor, loss of taste. It didn’t look like he was seriously injured. It was the same art. I dont know. I dont know. I dont know. I’m a little more sorry for the Brooklyn way. I’m sure there are people. Hmm. Yeah. As you know, we always ask the community questions. If you see something, say something and call us. If in doubt, call and start the investigation and investigate. We all need to work together. This isn’t just about this, it’s what the chief venters really emphasize to the community. Obviously this isn’t something you see often, but it’s annoying in situations where we’re committing violent crimes. Our focus is on reducing violent crime and we need to support our communities. We need a community that can talk to us and work with us to resolve the case. Well, because it’s included, here’s the tip of the hair. Was good. Thank you. Hmm. I’ve acknowledged. I dont know. I mean, I don’t know if they intended to parcel them to do some work, labor, etc. Well, but definitely smuggling, not human trafficking. What I don’t think I say from what we can say is probably in the early thirties, other people are now these yeah, well, that’s what we have to decide, that’s what we do It will depend on what you are trying to do. It is a poor house to know who has Covid and who does not, and so far it is clearly not on this scale in the Southwest. Look at the children you find. Why does it look isolated in this office? And what are you probably doing? I don’t have much experience with it, so I really don’t know what to say to you with it. Well, I don’t know. Well, I don’t want to say anything wrong, but as you know, when we follow up on this, and when we work with federal agencies on our side, we make a mistake. You can follow up without. Well, that’s what we can look into. Did the family that controls the house say that it’s a male resident, we don’t have a leader? Yeah. Yeah, they’re working on it. I don’t have that information. Well, that wasn’t bad. Well, as you think, that is, it was all flooring, uh, if they were talking to go to the bathroom on the floor, uh, it didn’t look like uh. All that. I didn’t see any of it. Well, I didn’t meet anyone. Well, I saw the mattress and stepped into the wall. So I’m sorry. Well, I’m not sure. Well, but I like something in Spanish. Yeah. Cantu’s assistant chief speaks Spanish better than I do. Yeah. Yeah. Very uniform. Yeah. Hmm. The number of Patricia. Assistant policy. Policy department. Uh, uh. Your mom and tomorrow I can’t be the most important to ourselves to make the school personas and those works he visits into personas in different ways. Well, those conditions are the Rebel Soramente Rosticos. Okay. It’s not clear that I’m mourning the center set. Yes, we are fighting for federal transportation and the process of transportation. Our treasure means medical care, medical process. Transportation process. Yeah, bandana, I recommend it. Well, on a regular basis. Hmm. That’s a complicated question. I think it’s Rosninos, which has replaced the local conditioner. You are getting Super Media TV Anysana. Currently there is no progressive. Hmm.

Houston police officers following reports of the kidnapping have found more than 90 people being hampered in a two-story house where authorities have stated that they may be trafficked. Tips for kidnapping from Thursday night, Houston Police Assistant Chief Darling Edwards said at a news conference on Friday. Video above: There were more than 90 people inside a Houston police briefing on a possible trafficking case. “I wasn’t tied up in my basic outfit,” Edwards said. “It was a big surprise when I went home and saw what I saw.” According to Edwards, he said he was at home in his early twenties and all but five were men. The group is locked up in the house because some people have COVID-19-like symptoms, such as loss of taste and smell. Will lead the smuggling investigation by the Department of Homeland Security (HSI). There is no information about who owns the house or who owns the house. According to Edwards, the group was invited to join it. Neighbors did not report any suspicious activity, and police did not release information on the kidnapping phone call that led to the discovery. .. “This isn’t something we often see, but it’s a concern,” he added.

Houston police officers following reports of the kidnapping found that more than 90 people were being hampered in a two-story house after authorities found out that there was a possibility of a human smuggling operation. did.

Darin Edwards, assistant chief of the Houston Police Department, said at a press conference on Friday that police officers were given a search warrant to enter the house after following up on kidnapping tips from Thursday night.

Video above: Houston police briefing on possible human smuggling cases

There were more than 90 people inside.

“They all got together in two rooms, dressed in basic clothes, and weren’t tied up,” Edwards said.

“It’s definitely more about smuggling than trafficking.”

According to Edwards, the youngest person found at home is in his early twenties. He said all but five were men.

Some people had COVID-19-like symptoms, including loss of taste and smell, so the group is kept at home and promptly tested.

Authorities brought them food and water because they said they hadn’t eaten for a while.

The Homeland Security Survey (HSI) leads smuggling surveys.

According to Edwards, there is no information about who owns the house or who brought the group home. Neighbors did not report any suspicious activity, and police did not release information about the kidnapping phone that led to the discovery.

“Whenever we see something say something, we always ask the community … we all need to work together,” Edwards said. “This isn’t something we often see, but it’s a concern,” he added.

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