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Memphis, Tennessee-A man in Memphis was arrested after shooting a police officer in the South Parkway area, colliding with a police car and reporting that the car was missing.

Witnesses said the entire incident was pure madness.

“My partner came and said,’Man, I just left the store,’ and’the man was shot by the police,'” said Lorenzo Bynum.

He said he was with a friend when he heard police coming from the intersection of South Parkway and Swift Street on Tuesday night.

“So by the time he got to Silver Age [Avenue], He turned around and shot the policeman again. So when he shot the police again, the police braked. He continued. When he hits Silverage and hits Silverage, it’s when he jumps out of the car and runs. So by the time the police arrived at him, he had already stood up, “Bynum said.

Memphis police said they were patrolling the area when police heard several gunshots. Police officers pulled in for an investigation and noticed a black Infiniti sedan speeding up in the area.

When the policeman caught up with the car, police said that one person in the car fired two bullets at the policeman. The officer was not injured.

After the chase, police said the suspect had escaped.

“He came back and was walking. He was walking right next to the police and someone picked him up and got in the car,” Bynum said.

According to the MPD, the driver pushed the car backward and collided with a policeman’s car.

Police later determined that the car was registered with Raymond Burns.

But that’s not the only story.

Two days later, police said Burns filed a police report alleging that his car had been stolen a week ago.

However, police said he had checked surveillance footage from the day of the shooting and saw clear images of Burns talking to other men, all armed with guns.

They also said the footage showed that he had left Infiniti’s parking lot — he reported he had been stolen — followed by a police car.

Police later confessed that he was involved in the shooting and said he was arrested.

Burns has been charged with attempted primary murder, avoidance of arrest, filing false reports, and eviction from the scene of the accident.

Police: Man shot at officer, crashed car into cruiser, then reported it stolen Source link Police: Man shot at officer, crashed car into cruiser, then reported it stolen

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