Police: Mother, three kids found in lake a ‘likely triple homicide’

2022-07-02 16:54:01 –

The bodies of the mother and her three children were recovered from a lake in Ramsey County on Saturday. Authorities probably call it the murder of three people.

Investigators pulled the first of the four bodies from Lake Vadne in Vadne Heights on Friday night, and the remaining three bodies on Saturday morning. Mike Martin, Deputy Sheriff of Ramsey County, said at a press conference on Saturday that all three children (two boys and one girl) were under the age of six.

“Our heart is directed at the families and their friends involved here,” Martin said. “Our goal was to find the children and mother and bring them back to the family. It’s nice to be able to do that.”

Authorities did not disclose their identities or comment on the exact method of death. The body is currently in the Ramsey County Medical Inspector’s office.

Authorities began searching for women and their children on Friday afternoon after police in Maplewood responded to a mobile home court about reports of an adult man’s suicide. As a result, authorities searched for a woman and three children who were reported to have committed suicide.

According to Martin, women’s cell phones took police to the Vadne Sucker Lake Area Park and found other items such as scrapped cars and children’s shoes around 4 pm, so police and firefighters commanded the search. I came to set up a place. -Rescue operations on Lake Vadne.

Although the lake is near the busy interstate 694, away from Rice Street, the setting itself is quiet and features walking paths, bike paths and coastline fishing.

The first body was found around 7:30 pm on Friday. The search continued until around 3 am until the evening and resumed on Saturday morning, three hours later. The two boys were first pulled from the lake, then their mother, and then the girl. By 11:00 am, all four had been recovered from the water.

According to Eric Brad, commander of the Ramsey County Water Patrol, the lake is fairly shallow, 5-10 feet deep.

According to Martin, sonar-powered boats helped find the bodies on the eastern side of the lake, but the search was also visual. “Basically, in the end, identify objects that may be of interest and divers. [who] Physically search for and find victims. “

Brad said searching was also emotionally difficult. “I’ve been doing this for 30 years,” he said. “This was one of the more difficult things.”

Sheriff Bob Fletcher of Ramsey County called it “probably a triple murder” on Friday night, and officials said on Saturday he continued to investigate it as a “potential triple murder suicide.” Martin said police believed that the Maplewood and Lake Vadne incidents were related.

Authorities have not yet released the names of the individuals involved. Lieutenant Joe Steiner of Maplewood Police said his family had been notified on Friday night. On Saturday, a group of family and friends on the lakeside site declined to comment. Some performed Hmong spiritual rituals near the place where the bodies were recovered.

Lake Vadne is on the west side of Vadne Heights on the outskirts of Ramsey County, about 10 miles north of downtown St. Paul.

Police: Mother, three kids found in lake a ‘likely triple homicide’ Source link Police: Mother, three kids found in lake a ‘likely triple homicide’

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