Police: Shooting at Kenosha home leaves 3 dead, 2 wounded

2021-10-20 08:35:04 –

Kenosha, Wisconsin — A shooting at his home in Kenosha, a city in southeastern Wisconsin, killed three people and seriously injured two.

Details about the cause of the shooting on Tuesday night were not announced immediately, but the Kenosha police station said on Twitter, “I believe this is an isolated incident that does not threaten our community.” Said.

According to police, the suspect was not actively searched. The names and ages of those shots were not announced immediately.

The shooting situation is under investigation.

One was taken from the scene to high school by a Kenosha fire department rescuer, where a medical helicopter took him to the hospital. Lieutenant Joe Nosarick of Kenosha police said another person had been taken to the hospital for treatment. Both were in crisis at the beginning of Wednesday.

Residents in the neighborhood near Lake Michigan, where the shooting took place, said they were stunned as several police and emergency rescue vehicles gathered at the scene.

Joyce Johnson said she was out when she heard multiple sirens rushing towards the neighborhood from the police.

“No problem here. No problem at all,” she told Kenosha News. “That’s why it’s so shocking and so shocking to see all the police cars here in Kenosha.”

The shooting on Tuesday is the second time this year in Kinosha County, which involved multiple dead. On April 18, gunmen fired at the Summers House tavern just north of Kenosha, killing three and injuring three. Kenosha’s Rakayo Vinson was charged with three one-time intentional murders and three one-time intentional attempted murders in a shooting.

Police: Shooting at Kenosha home leaves 3 dead, 2 wounded Source link Police: Shooting at Kenosha home leaves 3 dead, 2 wounded

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