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Police: Suspect fled moments after starting fire that killed girlfriend, dogs – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-12-01 01:36:23 –

Coroners suggest that the woman may have died before the fire

Mobile home fire on E. Sahara Avenue near Hollywood Boulevard. November 10, 2021.

Las Vegas (KLAS) — 8 News Now got new information about what happened hours before the deadly mobile home fire killed a female and three dogs.

Police arrest warrants detail the death investigation of 35-year-old Melinda Baun and her three dogs who died in a fire on November 10 at a house near Sahara Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard.

According to the warrant, the officer responded to reports of domestic disputes at home time before the fire. The battle involved Bown, her brothers Samuel and Coleman, and officers tried to talk to the couple, but only Samuel came out and accused Coleman of stealing a Wi-Fi router and laptop. I told the officers to submit a report of the stolen item and start eviction handles his sister and her boyfriend.

Later that night, firefighters responded to the fire at home and told police that the couple were not at home and that Bawn’s car was missing.

The detective interviewed Samuel and found out that he, Bawn, Coleman, and three other roommates were the owners of the mobile home where they lived. He also told police that Coleman and his sister were heavy users of stimulants, were always in a state of paranoia, and were afraid that people might be watching him through Wi-Fi.

Samuel told the detective that after discussing with Coleman that day, he noticed that his sister, who had been trapped in the bedroom since November 7, had not been contacted and tried to call her through the locked door, but could not hear anything. Told. Couple.

At that time, Samuel called Coleman to the police and said his sister had overdose and died. It was about 10 to 15 minutes after Samuel heard the big explosion and the whole house rattled and smoke was immediately seen. Living room and couple’s bedroom.

People living inside reportedly found a can of motor oil on the sofa.

One of the other roommates kicked open the door of the bedroom where the couple was staying. At that time, Samuel said he saw the bed burning.

Samuel escaped from the window with three other roommates.

Another female roommate told the detective that she woke up before the fire with the sound of Melinda’s car starting and heard a big “pop” before the smoke came out in the living room.

The female roommate also told the detective that she hadn’t seen Melinda for several days before the fire. According to a fire investigator, a fire broke out on or around the couple’s bed as a result of an open fire in the room.

During the autopsy, a coroner’s report pointed out that there was no “soot” in Melinda’s throat and believed she might have died before the fire began.

The cause and method of death have been stated as undecided until a police investigation was conducted.

Coleman escaped from the scene, but was arrested in Carson City a week later.

Police arrested Shyhelee Coleman, who is facing the following charges:

  • Arson 1 count, 1 degree
  • 3 counts of attempted murder
  • Three counts of deliberately killing, injuring, injuring, or poisoning other animals

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