Police tape put up at nature reserve entrance, law enforcement seen in park – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-10-15 11:26:36 –

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North Port, Florida (WFLA) — One of the entrances to the nature reserve, which was the center of Brian Laundry’s search, was taped by law enforcement on Friday morning.

WFLA’s Allyson Henning saw a yellow “POLICE LINE DONOT CROSS” tape on the north harbor side of Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, which provides access to the Carlton Reserve. It was the first time I saw police taped in a reserve since the laundry search began.

A Northport police SUV was seen just beyond the tape. There were some other law enforcement vehicles in the park, but they were covered with trees.

Friday’s law enforcement activities will follow several crew members, including the Pasco County Body Detecting K9 Team. Search Carlton Reserve on Thursday..

It’s been officially a month since Laundry’s parents said he last met him. Laundry was reported missing by his family At that time, they told police that they were the last to see him leave home and go to the Carlton Reserve for a hike on Tuesday, September 14. Further communication with the FBI, Laundry now believes his son left home to go hiking on September 13...

The day before he was reported missing, Laundry was nominated as a person interested in Gabby Petite’s disappearance. Police said the couple were on a month-long cross-country expedition together before Laundry returned to Northport without her on September 1.

Petite was reported missing on September 11. Her body was found in Wyoming on September 19, and two days later her death was sentenced to murder.

Teton County Coroner Announced This Week Petito’s cause of death was manual strangulation Or throttle.

“Manual strangulation or strangulation is a manual strangulation, not a mechanical strangulation.” Dr. Brentblue told Mafsasa Adie on 8 on your side..

She discovered the coroner Probably dead for 3-4 weeks Before finding her body.

Laundry is the only person interested in investigating Petit. NS Federal arrest warrant issued for laundry last month After Petito’s death, “use of unauthorized access devices” (Capital One Bank debit card and personal ID numbers of two Capital One Bank accounts).

Police tape put up at nature reserve entrance, law enforcement seen in park Source link Police tape put up at nature reserve entrance, law enforcement seen in park

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