Polis says ‘days to weeks’ before Glenwood Canyon can reopen, plans to issue disaster declaration – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-08-02 18:13:59 –

Denver-Colorado Governor Jared Polis will declare a state disaster and demand a federal disaster declaration after severe landslides and floods. It caused enormous damage to Glenwood Canyon’s Interstate 70.

At a press conference Monday afternoon, Police told the Colorado Department of Transportation to work on opening one lane of the I-70 in each direction as soon as possible. But he admitted that it would take “days to weeks” to become a fact. This also depends on the weather conditions in the area for the coming weeks.

Officials planning a disaster declaration after a landslide in Glenwood Canyon. 1

The latest I-70 closure through Glenwood Canyon has begun Thursday After heavy rains, debris and mud were dumped on the Colorado River through interstate highways and viaducts.

Over 100 people Had to spend the night That night, in the highway and tunnel. This was the latest landslide-related closure in Glenwood Canyon over the past five weeks.

Latest video show from Glenwood Canyon after a landslide

on Sunday, CDOT officials said the viaduct had been severely damaged, unlike what it had seen before. On Monday, CDOT Secretary-General Shoshana Lew said it had detoured due to the Colorado River debris, damaging the structure of interstate highways and viaducts in some areas.

Police and Liu said roads were closed in the area anyway when it rained four inches in five days. In contrast, it is 2.4 inches, which is commonly found throughout July in the region.

However, climate change and grizzly leak fire damage to the area caused unprecedented landslides due to heavy rains, and in some places interstate highways were covered with debris up to 10 feet. According to Liu, some of the debris came from thousands of feet above the roadway, and authorities said a new drone on the route where the debris descended into interstate highways and rivers and damaged the I-70’s upper deck. I showed you the video.

Police said engineers and other crew members would first need to remove debris from rivers, interstates, and viaducts before the damage assessment was fully completed and before some of the interstates opened. Stated.

And the ongoing monsoon weather patterns can cause more flash floods in landslides, exacerbate the problem and delay the necessary inspections.

Police stated state disaster declaration and federal request Stafford Law Disaster Funding Both were in the process of being made on Monday to help free up more money and resources for the state and local crew working on the repair and opening of the I-70.

Stan Hilkey, Colorado Public Security Secretary-General, said the crew would also work to prevent the river from flushing the retaining walls under the railroads through the area. On Monday, the Amtrak train wasn’t running again between Denver and Grand Junction.

Transportation and state patrol authorities continue to urge commercial and RV vehicles to avoid closures using Interstate 80 via Wyoming, and Colorado Patrol Colonel Matthew Packard is on his behalf. He said the store had diverted more soldiers to several evasive routes, including the Independence Pass. Some people illegally used CMVs and motorhomes on weekends with their Independence Pass on the south side of the I-70 and the north route through Steamboat Springs.

CDOT has canceled some planned projects so that people can continue to bypass around the closure, Liu said.

She said she was hesitant to provide an estimate of how much damage and repairs would be incurred so far, but said it was probably already in the “tens of millions”.

Flash flood clock It re-enabled in western Colorado and the Glenwood Springs region on Monday, and it was raining north of the interstate highway on Monday afternoon.

Please check the road conditions of Click here for the CDOT website And sign up Traffic warning here..

Polis says ‘days to weeks’ before Glenwood Canyon can reopen, plans to issue disaster declaration Source link Polis says ‘days to weeks’ before Glenwood Canyon can reopen, plans to issue disaster declaration

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