Political fight brewing over new UW-Madison Chancellor hire – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-05-17 16:17:38 –

Madison, Wisconsin (AP) – Prime Minister Jennifer Mnukin of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is trying to escape the fierce political struggle for her employment.

Mnookin addressed the Wisconsin reporter for the first time on Tuesday from her office at UCLA’s Law School via Zoom. If she remains prime minister, she is repeatedly asked about her reaction to Republican critics who portray her as a liberal and GOP threat, just saying she is willing to talk to anyone. rice field.

“We need to create space for all sorts of ideas in order to be part of the dialogue within the university,” Mnukin said. “I think these ideas also include critical racial theory and many other ideas. Part of the way we move forward is through those conversations and dialogues.”

Regent announced on Monday that it had hired Mnukin to take over Rebecca Blank.

Republicans, including Speaker Robin Vos, donated to Democratic candidates and immediately attacked her for supporting critical racial theory and the obligation of the COVID-19 vaccine. Republican Senator Steve Nath threatened to freeze her University of Washington tuition and state aid if she remained prime minister.

The current Prime Minister, Rebecca Blank, will resign on May 31 and become President of Northwestern University. Mnookin will start on August 4th.

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