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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — “Lucky Pig Pool” is one of many pools in the Omaha area available in an app called Swimply.

Omaha pool owner Jackie Crosby said, “We started in the middle of the season last year and had four reservations, all of which were great.”

Jackie Crosbie is the pool owner of the app. She started using the app to help her keep her pool financially and create a community. This is what Swimply co-founder Asher Weinberger said was the goal.

“We’re really building a real community. We’re not a travel agency. We’re not Airbnb. We’re a business that aims to connect locals and neighbors,” Weinberger said. Says.

Crosby said he was grateful to be able to manage the list of apps himself. She can set requirements and rent to the people who need them when they need them.

“When you list your pool, you can control almost a lot of things. You set the price. You set the time frame (and) the day. You are not available. You can turn it off, you know the time limit, “Crosby said.

To keep everyone safe, the app requires extensive background checks and ensures that all hosts maintain a 5-star rating.

“We have user-created reviews, which means that if you get less than 5 stars, you’ll be kicked out of the platform. We’re very serious about the quality of the market,” Weinberger said.

Crosby has received a five-star rating on the app and said that there is something in the name that prevents people from coming to her pool.

“There are pigs in my pool, so he comes to the scene. I take him out so people can see him. That’s why they came,” Crosby said. rice field.

She said her pig was named Bacon Bit, and that’s what makes her stand out.

“My last renter, he said that was the reason he came. He said he saw the pool (and) said he had a pig, that’s where we go By the way, “Crosby said.

She added that many of the guests are saying they will be back.

Bacon Bit even has his own small pool.

Prices to rent a pool with apps in the region range from $ 30 to $ 60 per hour.

Crosby recommends that anyone looking to rent a pool check out the other lists in the area to see how the app promotes the pool.

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Pool rental app connects private Omaha pool owners with their community Source link Pool rental app connects private Omaha pool owners with their community

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