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Pope Francis’ Recent Surgery Seen as Turning Point in his Papacy – New Orleans, Louisiana

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The Roman-Vatican City emphasized that Pope Francis is successfully recovering from recent colon surgery and hospitalization for 10 days after surgery. Travel to Hungary and Slovakia is planned later this year. Vatican officials also confirmed last week that the Pope would attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November.

Nonetheless, some Vatican observers said that the 84-year-old surgery performed at the Gemmeri Hospital in Rome earlier this month could later be considered a turning point for his papacy, including his efforts. It states that it may add more urgency to the reform plan. Overhaul the infamous change-resistant Curia, the Holy See’s executive branch.

Already in Rome, there is speculation about who will take over Francis, and some Vatican watchers will follow his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, and follow tradition if his health deteriorates seriously. Some have pointed out that it suggests that they may stand aside instead of. Die in the office.

File-Pope Francis (L) visits his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, at the Martel Ecclesia Monastery in Vatican on December 21, 2018.

Benedict set a modern precedent in 2013, when the first Pope abandoned his post since 1415.

Two weeks after the surgeon resected most of the colon due to intestinal stenosis, Pope Francis regularly blessed his followers in St. Peter’s Square and resumed his weekly appearance through the Vatican window on Sunday. He spoke for 14 minutes, but at some point he was short of breath.

The Cuban community is hoisting the Cuban flag during the prayer of Angelus, led by Pope Francis, on July 18 at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican ... The Cuban community is raising the Cuban flag on July 18, 2021 at St. Peter’s Square in Vatican during the prayer of Angelus, led by Pope Francis.

Among the crowds on the square were many Cuban residents waving flags in support of recent anti-government protests in their hometown. “I’m close to the dear Cubans during these difficult moments, especially for families who are suffering more,” Francis said in his speech.

However, except for appearing every Sunday, Pontif, who has had one of his lungs removed as a teenager due to an infection and is struggling with sciatica, will appear elsewhere for the rest of July. I don’t know. Vatican officials say he will spend the rest of the month and early August primarily focusing on recovery.

However, although there are no immediate health alerts, some Vatican watchers said that the Pope’s long-term hospitalization (which was twice the scheduled time) was what and who would follow Francis, and his rest of the Pope It suggests that we are already focused on how to deploy.

The beginning of the end

His surgery may be “the moment that marked the beginning of the end of his papacy,” said Thomas Reese, a Jesuit priest and influential Catholic columnist in the United States, on religion, a non-profit news site last week. Said in an opinion piece published by the news service.

“Even with the best prognosis, age is catching up with Francis. Except for miracles, he would be expected to continue as Pope for five or six years,” Reese wrote. He said Francis has a lot to do if he intends to leave a lasting legacy of change.

Francis has sought to reduce the power of office facilities and rebrand the doctrine to focus on idyllic obligations and inclusiveness rather than more extroverted and dogmatic. According to Reese, “What he was less successful in was winning his vision for the church in offices. During his eight years as Pope, Francisco dented most of the offices he inherited. I haven’t. “

There may have been a sense of time out behind last week’s Pope’s decision to overturn one of Benedict XVI’s signature decisions and crack down on the spread of old Latin Misa, which is considered a major challenge for traditionalist Catholics. there is. They immediately accused it of attacking them and the ancient liturgy.

His move to impose strict restrictions on celebrating Latin Misa, beloved by conservative doctrinal opponents, has sparked a fierce reaction with commentator Damian Thompson, the host of the British Holy Smoke podcast. “”

Other conservative Catholics have accused the Pope of being the dominant hand and treating traditionalists as “second-class Catholics.”

The Pope said he was taking action because the use of Latin Misa was the source of the division of the Church and was used by Catholics who opposed the modernization of the Church. In 2007, Benedict relaxed restrictions on the use of Latin Misa.

Critics of Pope Francis say his denial is very rare in terms of radically reversing the policies of his predecessor-and even more eye-catching given that Benedict is still alive and living in the Vatican. There is something to watch. Under the conditions of the new rules, priests who want to celebrate Latin Misa rather than vernacular will need the prior approval of their bishop who must consult the Vatican.

Francis has been involved in a series of fierce skirmishes between conservative clergy and their supporters since being elected Pope in a long-standing doctrinal struggle between progressives and conservatives over church reform. It was.

Clashes include how to handle clerical sexual abuse scandals and the implicit approval of parish priests to give communion to divorced and remarried couples.

His supporters say Francis sought to make the church more robust and dogmatic.

His opponents say he is undermining the moral coherence of the Catholic Church.

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