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Population growth in United States at lowest level since Depression – Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky

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Washington DC-US population growth has fallen to its lowest level since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Still, more people came to live in the south and west, boosting parliamentary representatives at the expense of the northeast. In the Midwest, data from the US Census Bureau shows.

According to the first data group released by the agency, the US population increased to 331,449,281 last year, an increase of 7.4% compared to the last decade, but the second slowest rate since the count began.

William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC, warned that even an economic recovery might not be able to reverse this trend.

The new 10-year census data will be used to redistribute parliamentary seats based on state population figures (also known as allocations).

Ultimately, this count determines how $ 1.5 trillion in federal spending is allocated each year.

Based on the latest figures, Republican Sunbelt giants Texas and Florida have added enough residents to win parliamentary seats. Texas added two seats and Florida won one.

Meanwhile, North Carolina, Colorado, Montana, and Oregon each won one seat.

North Carolina and Texas will become the intellectual powers of the new economy as the South separates major manufacturing industries such as automobiles from the Rust Belt, according to William Fulton, director of the Kinder Urban Research Institute at Rice University in Houston. That is. University.

In contrast, former growth drivers New York and California have recorded a decline in population growth, which is expected to affect their political influence.

Due to the delayed migration to California, the most populous state in the United States, it has one of the first parliamentary seats in 170 years of history. Soaring home prices have led many Californians to move to other western states.

As the Associated Press quoted, “California citizens are voting and moving elsewhere,” Frey said.

The relocation helped transform Colorado and Nevada into democracies and made Arizona competitive.

However, it is not clear whether the GOP-run state transition will benefit the Republicans in the long run, experts say, which could give the Democrats an edge instead.

“What’s happening is the growth of the Democratic or soon-to-be-Democratic Sun Belt,” Frey said.

“Texas hasn’t turned blue as a state yet, but the blue population is growing very fast,” Fulton said.

Population growth in United States at lowest level since Depression Source link Population growth in United States at lowest level since Depression

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