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Porch pirates could be making waves ahead of holiday season, authorities warn | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-10-25 23:00:00 –

NS. LOUIS ( 4 keeps you up to date on supply chain shortages and the serious threat of an impending holiday. Consumer researchers are aware that because of this turmoil, people now go shopping and don’t wait for Black Friday or other deals.

Local police say you need to take action before you can buy. This happens after two consecutive incidents in the St. Louis area, and residents say there are too many similarities.

“It was only 15 minutes after I left home, so the cargo was delivered about 5 minutes after I left and arrived within 10 minutes,” explained April Foster.

Foster lives in South City. She says she has never had a problem with package theft until last Saturday. A video of a ring doorbell from Foster’s front pouch shows a man grabbing her packaging and Halloween decorations and returning to the white Ford F150.

“It’s frustrating. This is obviously not the one in trouble. He’s driving a really expensive truck, and I think that’s the most frustrating thing,” Foster explained.

Her neighbor’s ring camera also caught the thief in that act. He had his luggage stolen and got in and out of the car within 15 seconds. Foster says he thinks he’s chasing a delivery truck. The same thing happened at Richmond Heights, just four miles from Foster just two days ago.

“I was excited to go home because I was expecting a Halloween costume. I saw the luggage delivered, but it was very confusing,” said Andrea Bagario.

Bagario says the white Ford F150 parked on the driveway around 1 pm last Thursday. This video of the ring doorbell shows passengers getting out of the car, walking to the front porch of Bagario, and hooking their luggage.

“It was said that a similar or same truck hit another house in the neighborhood, perhaps a few blocks on the other side of Dale, and they took a package worth a fair amount of money,” Bagario said. explained.

Bagario said she called the Richmond Heights police to report the incident, and they informed her of another incident in her neighborhood. They did not interview on this topic when News 4 called the Richmond Heights police on Monday. Both Bagario and Foster have posted individual incidents on the Nextdoor app. They eventually found each other’s case and told News 4 that they noticed a great similarity.

“The trucks look the same,” Foster said.

“If these are the same people driving and they are attacking different neighborhoods, I hope the police will work together to understand who it is,” Bagario added.

For now, both residents have told News 4 that they are revisiting their online orders and are definitely looking for other delivery options. News 4 spoke with St. Louis County Police on Monday, the incident did not happen in their jurisdiction, some tips for those who are planning to order packages for this next holiday season I have.

“As the holiday season approaches and concerns about pouch-related theft increase, residents can use alternatives to receive packages, such as delivering packages to neighbors, friends, and relatives at home within normal delivery times. We may consider picking up some shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.), which is not always convenient, but provides a secure delivery location, “says St. Louis County PD. ..

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Porch pirates could be making waves ahead of holiday season, authorities warn | St. Louis News Headlines Source link Porch pirates could be making waves ahead of holiday season, authorities warn | St. Louis News Headlines

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