Porsche 3D printed body foam sheet enhances comfort and options

last year, Porsche announces “concept study” Although it is called “3D printed body foam full bucket seat”.The unit looks flashy Porsche Bucket seats with pockets that allow you to see through the grid-like material. That grid is the reason for the press. It consists of three layers, the bottom layer is the same expanded polypropylene found on everything from baby seats to airplane seats. The “Comfort Layer” sits on top of it and is made from a polyurethane-based material that is 3D printed in either soft, medium or hard. This layer is only found on the central backrest and seat bolster. The upper layer is a fabric skin called Racetex, with windows cut to show off the lower print layer and perforated for climate control.

The idea came from custom seats created for race drivers, automakers using Porsche race team drivers, and track days in Europe to evaluate chairs last year. They made their first public show in the cockpit of the Mission R concept at the Munich Motor Show. According to Porsche, the body foam seats are 8% lighter than the standard Porsche bucket on one of the road cars, with improved comfort and passive climate control thanks to the perforated Racetex. And Porsche says they are more environmentally friendly, as the layers are clipped together instead of being held by glue.

Body foam units that have passed all tests are available from the Porsche Equipment Performance Parts Catalog. sports car Manufacturer’s accessory arm.They can replace certain driver seats and sometimes passenger seats Boxster, Cayman, And 911 models. With build dates until November 22, 2020, it is compatible with both 3rd and 4th generation Boxster and Cayman seats. From then on, the new body foam seats only fit the Boxster and Cayman driver’s seats. Both front seats of the entire 991 Series 911 can be replaced with body foam. On the 992, only the driver’s seat can be replaced.

While waiting for pricing in the US, each body foam costs € 2,677.50 (US $ 3,106) in Germany and takes a few minutes to install. dealer..This is not a Porsche production with no options on top of the options, so the grid can be printed with one of three colour Present: Black, guards red, yellow.

In February 2022, a custom seat will be standard equipment and will be added to the Porsche Configurator. There are three more colors: Arctic Gray, Shark Blue, and Ultramarine. If the throne turns out to be popular enough, the company says it will take the next step in creating 3D-printed body foam bucket seats that are shaped to the contours of the buyer.

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Porsche 3D printed body foam sheet enhances comfort and options

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