Porsche Classic will now manufacture custom one-off dream cars

  • Porsche Classic accepts customer demands for one-time dream cars and manufactures them as part of the Sonderwunsch program.
  • However, the request must be technically feasible and can include exterior and interior customizations, suspension and powertrain upgrades.
  • Porsche This year starts with 3-5 customer builds.

    Porsche Classic, the restoration and parts division of the German car manufacturer, and its custom division, Exclusive Manufacture, are working together to incorporate your car into a special one-off piece. The Sonderwunsch program accepts the owner’s request and transforms the owner’s car into almost anything, old or new. Customizations typically include deformation of internal materials or refinishing of external paint, but powertrain and suspension components can also be upgraded.


    There are some restrictions, Porsche says. We will not rebuild the limited edition car.For example, Cayman Boxster spider-Or copy something from another brand. “they [customers] According to Alexander Fabich, who is responsible for Porsche’s personalization and classics. A typical build is like the 997 generation 911 GT2 RS, finished in oak green metallic. Carrera GT It has a cognac leather interior and was built a few years ago. The build also needs to be technically feasible, but Porsche says something like a water-cooled 930 could be possible (if someone wants to do that).

    If Porsche determines that the customer’s wishes are feasible, it invites them to one of the Porsche Experience Centers in Digital, Zuffenhausen, Atlanta or Los Angeles, or to a project meeting at the customer’s home. You act as a project manager on a team of experts and stay in close contact with you throughout the process during fixed milestone meetings from brainstorming sessions to the final stages of the build.

    Porsche Classic Restoration


    Depending on the size of the project, the conception process can take up to a year and can cost more than $ 100,000, Porsche says. At the end of this stage, the dream turns into reality and the car is assembled. Depending on the age of the vehicle, it may need to be restored first. Porsche expects it to take about 2-3 years to build, especially if it includes suspension or powertrain components. The finished product must remain Porsche in nature and comply with Porsche quality standards.

    Porsche will start manufacturing about 3-5 1-0ff customer cars this year. Two are already in progress. US customers can reach out to Sonderwunsch advisors through dealers and the Porsche Experience Center and look forward to what they dream of.

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Porsche Classic will now manufacture custom one-off dream cars

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