Porsche reveals new infotainment system and adds Android Auto

  • Porsche’s 6th generation infotainment system now supports Android Auto as well as enhanced integration with Apple CarPlay.
  • The Track Precision app has also undergone a makeover with improved lap times and data accuracy thanks to the reoptimized GPS.
  • PCM 6.0 debuts in 2022 Porsche 911Scheduled for late 2021 or early 2022, before reaching other models.

    Porsche is still a driver’s car, but sports car brands haven’t downplayed its infotainment technology. The new Porsche Communications Management (PCM) 6.0 aims to provide more information to the driver while seamlessly integrating the infotainment system into the driving experience.

    To get started, the overhauled PCM 6.0 interface features redesigned fonts, icons, layouts, and enhanced integration with Apple CarPlay. It also has the Android Auto feature for the first time. Wireless updates ensure that Porsche drivers always have the latest version of the software available.

    Porsche has also improved its voice assistant. Say “Hey Porsche” to activate the system (you can also use the buttons on the screen or handles) to understand the extended list of words and phrases. In addition to phone commands and navigation, the voice assistant can now adjust features such as massage seats, temperature control, and ambient lighting. Navigation systems can now update routes more quickly, tell drivers how much traffic each lane is experiencing on a particular road, and reduce commuting time.


    With the increased integration of Apple Music, drivers can access their music library without a mobile phone in their car, as long as they have previously signed in. Drivers can add songs they hear on the radio directly to their Apple Music library without leaving the radio interface, or launch Apple Music playlists based on a particular artist if someone on the radio listens. You can also.

    Porsche also strengthened Track Precision App.. The app can now be run via Apple CarPlay and the interface has been revised. The app can upgrade GPS to improve accuracy and record lap times and track data for 300 tracks around the world. You can also overlay the data on the video if the driver is connected to the GoPro via Bluetooth. The app is free to download, but the vehicle must be equipped with the Connect package (for Wi-Fi support) and the Sport Chrono package to work. Originally only available on 911 and 718 sports cars, the app will be extended to Cayenne, Taycan and Panamera.

    PCM 6.0 debuts in 2022 Porsche 911Before appearing in Cayenne, Taycan,and Panamera..There are no plans to update the system with 718 Cayman And BoxsterAnd I haven’t heard when it will enter the Macan yet. Porsche models with the new system will be available in late 2021 or early 2022.

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Porsche reveals new infotainment system and adds Android Auto

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