Porsche Taycan EV sells better than the flagship 911 sports car

All-electric Porsche Taycan turbo.

Source: Porsche AG

Porsche Taycan sale as a sign that drivers are increasingly accepting battery electric models It outperformed the company’s influential high-performance 911 series, according to figures released by the company on Friday.

The Taycan is Porsche’s first battery-powered electric vehicle Introduced in fall 2019.. The company launched the 911 high-performance sports car in 1964.

According to a survey by AlixPartners, electric vehicles account for about 2% of global vehicle sales today, and the company predicts that its share will rise to about 24% by 2030. Vehicles that governments around the world are providing automakers with incentives to move to all-electric and hybrid electricity.

according to International Football Association Board on Clean TransportAs of September of this year, 16 national and quasi-national governments have set a goal of completely ending new sales or registration of internal combustion engine vehicles within the period 2025-2040. This includes Canada, Costa Rica, Cape Verde, Singapore, California, New York, as well as 10 European countries.

At the same time, Taycan delivered 28,640 units and 911 sports cars delivered 27,972 units.

The Taycan, a 4-door dual-motor sports car, Tesla’A new model S sedan at the time of debut.

Although Tesla does not categorize deliveries by model, Elon Musk’s electric vehicle manufacturers reported deliveries of approximately 13,180 Model S sedans and Model X sports utility vehicles in the first three quarters of 2021.

In July, Porsche issued a recall affecting approximately 43,000 Taycan vehicles after discovering a software issue that caused some Taycan engines to shut down abruptly. The company pushed software updates to fix the problem, but the owner had to take the car to the dealer to get the fix instead of receiving the wireless software update.

Porsche executive Klaus Lechberger said it was not known that the accident resulted from the problem.

In a statement on Friday, Porsche ( Volkswagen Group) Also revealed that the Cayenne series of medium-sized luxury crossover sport utility vehicles continues to be the company’s bestsellers.

Cayenne delivered 62,451 vehicles in the first three quarters of 2021, followed by Macan delivering 61,944 vehicles. In addition to the fully electric Taycan, Porsche sells a number of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, but the company does not classify the number of units sold for each model.

The entire automotive industry is affected by a shortage of semiconductor chips and an ongoing pandemic this year.

In a Friday statement to Porsche shareholders, Detreff von Platen, a member of Porsche AG’s board of directors for sales and marketing, is quoted as saying:

“The purchase order is well filled and optimistic and enthusiastic as we approach the end of the year rush. However, the coronavirus situation remains dynamic and there are challenges in sourcing semiconductors. For these reasons, we Is paying close attention to current development to ensure that we can continue to respond in a flexible way. “

Porsche Taycan EV sells better than the flagship 911 sports car

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