Porsche Taycan hits two cars in parking operation

The momentary torque of an electric car can be both a blessing and a curse, and this Porsche Taycan driver learned that lesson in a difficult way. Judging from the brick house and sidewalk parking lot, there was a video of a unique accident that looked like a quiet neighborhood somewhere in England. This must have happened in the UK as the Performance EV is right-hand drive.

It’s certainly not the best driveway design we’ve ever seen, but it still doesn’t fully explain the cause of this weird crash. Perhaps the driver stepped on the accelerator pedal instead of stepping on the brakes to take advantage of Taycan’s abundant instantaneous torque in the worst possible way. Another plausible explanation is the medical condition. Perhaps the driver had a stroke and lost control of the vehicle.

Regardless of the cause, insurance companies will certainly not like this. The Porsche Taycan hit a parked SUV before taking off the driveway and looked like the previous generation BMW 1 Series, after which two wheels emerged in the air. We wanted the driver to be okay, this wasn’t a heart attack, but a fake of costly pedal mess.

The torque at that moment mentioned earlier may have been the “cause” because the driver may have stepped on the “gas” pedal a little too much and the Taycan’s electric motor played that role. After all, even the Base 4S has an instantaneous torque of 477 lb-ft (647 Newton meters) of torque. Porsche has released a small single-motor version with rear-wheel drive, but that’s not possible because the car on the wheels of the Mission E concept is only available in China for the time being.

If you know what happened (and where it happened), let us know in the comments below.

Porsche Taycan hits two cars in parking operation

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