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Corpus Christi, Texas — Corpus Christi’s Secretary-General, Sean Strawbridge, decided Thursday by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on several regional business leaders and elected officials. Revoke the exemption for permit review This is unprecedented and another obstacle to desalination at Corpus Christi.

The port says it will secure the permits it seeks An uninterrupted, drought-resistant water source For the area.

“Our port absolutely promises to get at least one permit, if not two, for seawater desalination. Without it, we don’t talk much, so that’s it. Is what we are particularly focused on.

Strawbridge says a letter sent to the Port and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) on Monday indicated that all desalination facilities in Texas had been revoked by the EPA. There are four pending desalination permits submitted by TCEQ.

The port is seeking permission for the Harbor Island desalination plant and the La Quinta Ship Channel plant, which are specifically mentioned in the EPA letter.

The City of Corpus Christi is also seeking permits on the Inner Harbor and La Quinta Ship Channels.

Peter Zanoni, manager of the city of Corpus Christi, said the city has a permit exemption for both applications and has not received notice from the EPA to date that neither permit has been revoked.

Zanoni added a city called the EPA on Friday, confirming that the two permits were not affected by the letter sent to the port, and will meet with the TCEQ next week to see the potential of the EPA’s decision to consider applying for the port. I will better understand the impact.

The EPA said in a letter that it was its job to ensure that state-issued permits “in line with the requirements of the Clean Water Act and protect water quality and aquatic life.”

TCEQ has provided this statement to KRIS6 News.

“TCEQ has received and is reviewing the EPA’s letter. Since the EPA approved the delegation of the NPDES program to Texas in 1998, a strong permit program that includes general participation at multiple turning points throughout the permit process. The agency has received a draft. Since March 2018, the EPA has had the opportunity to be involved in the process and has chosen not to participate in comments or discussions on the permit.

Strawbridge told meeting attendees that neither TCEQ nor the port had been discussed on the EPA’s decision.

“What happened was that there were some Protestants who urged the EPA to end its exemption, involved in the TCEQ rather than doing what the EPA should do, and with the TCEQ process. It’s about reviewing the application. “I just finished the exemption,” he said.

Mr Strawbridge also said he believes the current political situation may be influencing the licensing process.

“Texas and the Biden administration are in many ways inconsistent, and we will be punished for the political differences that exist between this administration and Texas,” he said.

He further said the region needs to support external environmental groups by calling groups such as the Sierra Club, NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) and the Environmental Defense Fund “oppositions”.

Over 20 environmental groups on Thursday Petitioned to EPA as much as TCEQ water allows.

“They are well-funded environmental justice organizations and are now fully targeted at coastal bends,” he said. “And if we want to continue the great economic prosperity and growth trajectory we’ve experienced over the last decade, I think we really need to go around the wagon for this.”

He said the port is committed to environmental initiatives, including carbon recovery and storage and hydrogen production initiatives, as well as air and water quality improvements, habitat conservation and restoration.

Doug Allison, a port lawyer, said the port has a number of lobbyists representing them at the state and national levels.

He told members of the group that he was concerned that the Nueces County Commissioner was ready to “dismiss” the lobbyist this week. Assign.

“We are playing on the national and international arena and we need to act that way, at least to start reducing county or city consultants who have the ability to call the EPA.” He said. , Call TCEQ and call the Governor’s Office. Because of this national and international moment, we lose our seats at the table. “

Last week, the commissioner voted to reduce the amount paid to lobbyists, but did not terminate the contract. The lobbyist can choose whether or not to agree to the terms.

Regarding the future of port desalination permits, Strawbridge says the port is trying to determine what TCEQ will do.

“(It) is another unfortunate obstacle to this initiative, with no access to permit acquisition and a very strong focus on an uninterrupted drought-resistant water supply in the southwestern United States. It’s terribly necessary, “he said.

KRIS 6 News asked Sean Strawbridge and Doug Allison for comment, but did not respond.

Port of CC Executive Director speaks about desal permit Source link Port of CC Executive Director speaks about desal permit

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