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Portland, OregonPortland Tribune) — “It felt like a tango,” recalls Lake Oswego resident David Nell, sitting face-to-face with award-winning actor Nicolas Cage on the set for the new movie Pig. I did.

Knell acted as chef Derek Finland in the drama released on July 16th.

“We had this mutual respect at that moment, like,’This will be fun,'” Knell said. “This will be a dance.”

Quenelle, a lifelong actor seen in the 1980s films “Spring Break,” “Turner & Hooch,” and “Total Recall,” had the opportunity to perform in the 10-page scene of “Pig,” which was featured in the trailer. For the movie.

Knell thought this was one of his biggest roles and it was a beautiful movie after attending the premiere in Los Angeles last week.

“I’m really, really happy to have the opportunity to play with them and with Nick,” he said. “I shot this a year and a half ago, almost two years ago.”

Knell has been acting since childhood. From community theaters to television, movies and Broadway shows, he has many years of acting experience.

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Knell remembers receiving a call from an agent in the summer of 2019. He was in Michigan with his wife and actress fellow Julie, planning to help those who market and care for the hotel. The trip was shortened and on a road trip he received a call that the movie was happening.

“If my job in Michigan was going well, I wouldn’t have been able to do that, so I’m very happy that it was a disaster,” he said. ..

In the movie, Cage plays a man who was a top chef in Portland before becoming a truffle hunter in the wilderness of Oregon. When his foraging pig goes missing, he returns to Portland to find out who stole his pig.

Cage later comes into contact with the character of Knell, Portland’s current top chef, who previously worked for Cage’s character.

“It’s just a beautifully written scene,” Knell said. “I haven’t seen all of Nicolas Cage’s movies. Some people are big fans of me … I literally googled,” What’s it like to work with Nicolas Cage? “

Knell saw an interview explaining the experience of other actors in Cage and learned that all the choices Cage makes in acting are “careful, thoughtful and passionate.” “That alone really respected him.”

Nell’s part consisted of only one day of filming, which he said was very special and was his favorite acting day.

Unfortunately, a few days after shooting, I received a call saying that my father had died of cancer.

Knell said he flew to New York to be with his father at the hospital. He was able to share his acting story and his latest experience with the “Pig” set with his father, Dane, who was also an actor.

“You will remember that he hadn’t spoken for a while,” Knell said. “I’m a fourth-generation actor, but I forgot about it until my dad on the deathbed recently said,’Have you ever talked about your grandfather’s yose?’ “

Quenelle, who spends his time living on Lake Oswego and the Oregon coast, also enjoys traveling, kayaking and exploring the outdoors with his wife.

He says he will be available if other acting opportunities emerge.

“If you’re a character actor, the ideal situation is when someone … picks up the script.’It’s part of David Nell.’ If you’re David Nell, it’s clear. It helps, “he said. “This couldn’t have been part of David Knell.”

Portland actor recalls sharing stage with Nic Cage in ‘Pig’ Source link Portland actor recalls sharing stage with Nic Cage in ‘Pig’

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