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Portland, Oregon 2021-05-04 18:22:57 –

PF & R demanded $ 4.2 million in the city’s budget, which includes only $ 978,000 in the pilot program.

Photo of the Portland Street Response Team on the Portland City website on February 15, 2021

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — The Portland Street Response Team exists to allow someone other than the police to answer the phone if someone is experiencing homelessness or is in a mental health crisis.

The pandemic delayed the start of the program, so the team answered the phone for only a few months in a pilot program in the Greater Rent area. They work Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, but will extend their business hours this weekend.

The Portland City Council met on Tuesday to discuss Mayor Ted Wheeler’s $ 5.7 billion budget. This includes funding small businesses, homeless people and community safety.

Portland Fire & Rescue demanded $ 4.2 million to expand the Portland Street Response team throughout the city, but Wheeler’s proposed budget was $ 978,000 to continue funding the program at current levels. is included.

2021-2022 Budget for Portland City

“At this time, data on the effectiveness of pilot programs is limited.” The budget document states. “We need more time to answer important questions, such as the number and type of phones the team is responding to, the impact of the program on police and fire workloads, and the community’s experience with Portland Street Response.”

Street Roots Director Kaia Sand said the need for this program was enormous. She was shocked and disappointed that her budget included only 23% of the money needed to expand across the city.

“We now fully know that when non-police first responders with critical work and deescalation skills answer the phone without a gun, it leads to better results,” Sand. Said.

Sandoz hopes that the program will continue throughout the city next year. But for now, the city said it will evaluate the pilot program at 6 and 12 months and use that information to decide if and how to extend it further. I did.

Portland City Council Incorporate public opinion on the proposed budget During a public hearing on Wednesday at 6 pm.

Portland budgets 23% of Street Response Team request Source link Portland budgets 23% of Street Response Team request

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