Portland City Council holds 2-hour community safety meeting – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-09-16 21:05:47 –

One resident: “It doesn’t sound like an emergency response”

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) —The Portland City Commissioner held a two-hour meeting on community security on Thursday, including hearings from officials involved in efforts to curb gun violence.

The Commissioner spoke with representatives of the Regional Safety Division and the Violence Prevention Bureau. Both sides talked about their long-term plans and approaches, but there was no discussion of what is currently being done to actively stop gun violence.

NS Community Safety DivisionIntroduced some of the work they are doing in a multifaceted approach to solving the crisis of gun violence, created in the spring.

With nike green Violence Prevention Bureau We talked about the life coaching they do for people affected by gun violence.

A professor at Boston University, who analyzes gun violence data, also spoke at the conference. He said problems could be reduced by improving the physical environment, such as adding green space.

Some Portland residents shared their thoughts on progress.

“Today’s response, which I totally disagree with, certainly doesn’t sound like an emergency response,” said one. “The response seems to be to reduce the number of calls to 911 by investing in additional sidewalks, canopies and health foods. None of these responses are emergency responses to the current crisis. It seems.”

In April, the Portland City Council resolved to issue $ 6 million to prevent gun violence. Since then, shootings throughout the city have increased dramatically.

KOIN 6 News will provide more information later in the day.

Portland City Council holds 2-hour community safety meeting Source link Portland City Council holds 2-hour community safety meeting

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