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Portland, Oregon 2020-10-17 21:56:17 –

ED Mondine giving a talk at the Black History Month event held at Governor Kate Brown’s office in 2019. Governor Kate Brown

The Portland NAACP Board held an emergency meeting on Friday night, voting 7-3 for an immediate resignation as branch manager of Elbert “ED” Mondine.


Voting took place two days later Portland Mercury We have published an article containing allegations of sexual, physical and psychological abuse of Mondaine from three men who attended Celebration Tabernacle, a church where Mondaine is the chief pastor. The report is supported by eight additional sources accused of psychological abuse while Mondaine attended church. Mondaine denied all claims.

Despite a Friday vote on the board, Mondaine refuses to resign.

“We encouraged him to resign,” said one director who wanted to remain anonymous. “Still, he wants to serve a term, regardless of what the board recommends.”

This action was confirmed by a second board member. Mercury Make their identities anonymous.

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Mondaine has been Chairman of the NAACP in Portland since 2018. On Thursday, Mondaine announced that it would end its second presidential campaign, but will be the first to end its current term, which expires after the NAACP elections on November 21st.

The board vote recommends another method.

Voting also contradicts Tuesday’s statement sent to Mercury According to Mondaine (through a Portland NAACP employee) who claimed that the NAACP Board would “stand with” Mondaine in the light of allegations of abuse.

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