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Portland, Oregon 2021-10-15 21:40:11 –

Local host tried to open the door for refugees

Airbnb.org Refugee Program (Courtesy of Airbnb.org)

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — Airbnb The organization is trying to double their commitment to provide housing to Afghan refugees and is calling on locals to open their doors and hearts.

“As tens of thousands of Afghan refugees resettle around the world, the place they stay will be the first chapter in their new life,” he said. Airbnb CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky,In August release.. “For these 20,000 refugees, we hope that the Airbnb community will not only provide them with a safe place to rest and start over, but also provide a warm welcome home.”

Since the announcement of Airbnb in August, the organization is now Doubled that pledgeWe promise to work with resettlement partners to find housing for 40,000 refugees around the world.

“If demand is in line with US State Department expectations, we can increase our ability to provide housing to 40,000 refugees,” said Liz Fusco, Airbnb’s communications lead. Of those who offered to provide a place to stay for free and allowed us to extend the capabilities of this program. ”

Demand for refugee housing is increasing in Portland. “In Oregon, about 200 new and existing hosts in Oregon have already signed up to open their homes to refugees,” Fusco explained.

The organization encourages locals to consider participating in efforts to accept new neighbors.

Airbnb Mexico City (Courtesy: Airbnb)

“Airbnb.org has nearly a decade of experience providing temporary housing to people displaced by fires, floods and earthquakes. We have provided more than 225,000 accommodations for COVID-19 First Responders.” Fusco looks back. “So when we heard about this need, we felt responsible for stepping up.”

Biden administration estimates 65,000 Afghan refugees It will arrive in the United States by the end of September 2021 and is projected to grow to 95,000 by September next year.

“Temporary housing was one of the most urgent needs for refugees leaving Afghanistan,” Fusco explained. “So we really only want people to open the door to refugees, which is the scope of our commitment.”

Disaster Response (Courtesy: Airbnb.org)

Airbnb hosts are not expected to provide resources other than basic housing needs. This is because the organization is affiliated with resettlements around the world.

This initiative is funded by Chesky, Airbnb, and the organization’s $ 25 million donation. Refugee fund..

Airbnb.org encourages those who want to host Airbnb to open their homes to refugees who need to visit. airbnb.org/refugees..

Portland part of Airbnb Afghan refugee housing effort Source link Portland part of Airbnb Afghan refugee housing effort

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