Portland street racing crackdown: 8 arrests, 7 cars towed – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-10-25 22:06:55 –

Coordinated efforts from PPB, OSP prevented street hijacking

Street racer pulled by Portland police, October 24, 2021 (PPB)

KOIN, Oregon — Eight people were arrested and seven cars were towed to crack down on Portland street racers over the weekend.

Portland police, in collaboration with Oregon police, announced that four of the arrests were Saturday night. The larger event on Sunday included out-of-state people who gathered in various parts of the city to take over the area, such as the Lloyd Center parking lot.

Authorities said street racers could Take over the NE12th and Glisan spots for about 20 minutes Before the police managed to break it.

The group “coordinated a major takeover and seemed to be intentional,” allowing police to thwart the takeover of bridges and streets.

According to officials, four people were arrested at 29 transportation stops on Sunday night, and five more cars were towed, with 19 citations. Two of the arrested were reckless driving, one was DUII, and the other was revoked driving.

After years of street racers hijacking Portland’s streets and bridges, city leaders began a collaborative crackdown about a month ago. The new city ordinance came into effect with actual penalties.

Racers who violate the ordinance (including those who simply promote the event) are at risk of up to one month’s imprisonment, a $ 500 fine, and towing a car. Wheeler reminded the public that the accusation would be added to the applicable criminal accusation.

Portland street racing crackdown: 8 arrests, 7 cars towed Source link Portland street racing crackdown: 8 arrests, 7 cars towed

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