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Possible Pfizer vaccine for elementary aged kids. – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-09-20 18:46:39 –

Spartanburg, South Carolina (WSPA) – Pfizer is seeking an emergency permission from the FDA for a corona vaccine for children under the age of 12. Now parents are asking questions and doctors are sharing what they know so far.

As the news of Pfizer’s vaccine approval request spreads, some parents are wondering how the vaccine will affect the still-growing and developing body.

“It’s not enough research, not enough information about it,” said mother Briana Stevens.

On the other hand, some parents are looking for an opportunity to vaccinate their children with Covid.

“I have six children, but only two children over the age of twelve. Only me and my two eldest daughters were vaccinated. So, in my opinion, others Children are still vulnerable to serious viruses, “said her mother, Christie Brock.

More than 2,000 children participated in Pfizer’s corona vaccine trial, doctors said.
Emergency Use Authorization documents must be submitted by the end of September, with the expectation that they will be approved by the end of October. Dr. Anna-Kathryn Burch, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Prisma Health, explains why it’s important for children.

“It’s hard to tell if more patients will be seen in a children’s hospital because more patients are infected than if the delta virus is more serious. For months. I don’t know that information. That said, obviously vaccination of your child is the easiest and best way to protect your child from covid-19. “Prisma Health, Children Infectious disease doctor, Dr. Anna-Kathryn Burch said.

Once the child’s vaccine is approved, elementary school children will receive a two-dose series.

“My daughter, who was vaccinated over the weekend, was actually quarantined twice because of close contact, which really worries her education,” Brock said.

On the other hand, some parents are concerned about the effects of the vaccine on their children. Doctors say keeping children healthy and attending school is beneficial to everyone in the long run.

“Being able to stay in school with classmates and participate in facial learning is of paramount importance to their learning, especially during the age of their elementary school students,” said Dr. Birch.

If the vaccine is approved for the child, health authorities encourage parents to keep in touch with the child’s pediatrician. It also states that it will work with the school system to support vaccination with parental approval.

According to Pfizer results, vaccination approval for children under the age of 5 is not expected until the fourth quarter of this year at the earliest.

Possible Pfizer vaccine for elementary aged kids. Source link Possible Pfizer vaccine for elementary aged kids.

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