Possible return of COVID-19 restrictions could impact children, working families the most – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-07-22 10:48:57 –

San Jose, CA-How afraid that restrictions will be reinstated if COVID-19 infections continue to grow? Its impact can affect your business, your work, and even your education. Families working with children need to be most worried.

I immediately saw how the blockade of California severely stopped the economy. Stores and restaurants are closed. The work has also been wiped out. If the oncoming wave of delta variant infections continues to build, can it be repeated?

Relation: According to the CDC, highly contagious delta mutants currently account for 83% of COVID cases in the United States.

“I think this could be a nail in the casket for many of them,” said Patrick Colorman, head of research at the Bay Area Council Economic Research Institute. He hopes the push to boost vaccination will help.

But another economic slowdown threatens millions of struggling families. A new study by Unitedways in California claims that one in three families cannot meet their basic needs. This includes 1.7 million Latino households and 1 million Caucasian households.

Ahmad Thomas, CEO of the company, said: Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

Relation: Valley health officials hope that an increase in COVID cases will lead to more vaccinations

Even wealthy families can have a hard time finding toilet paper and other products if the hoarding surface or supply chain is disrupted.

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“People really have to talk to the community,” said Jamie Kerns, a math teacher in Vallejo, California, for 20 years. “I think communication is a really big lack, because you can’t make these decisions without really going to people.”

Kerns is also the mother of three who bought a home and challenged herself to catch up with the mortgage payments on the teacher’s salary. Her husband is an electrician. She is worried about the new set of restrictions that can regain distant learning and leave some students behind with her students.

“We all have good heads on our shoulders, but we all need to think out of the box and understand this for our children, and for ourselves,” she said. Told.

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The horizon is terrifying, and business leaders are focusing on it.

“We want to stay open,” said leadership group Thomas.

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Possible return of COVID-19 restrictions could impact children, working families the most Source link Possible return of COVID-19 restrictions could impact children, working families the most

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