Possible UFO in Cleveland Heights – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-10-20 16:46:33 –

Cleveland Heights, Ohio (WJW) – A man in northeastern Ohio is convinced he shot a UFO video on Tuesday night, but veteran pilots give a logical explanation of what witnesses found in the sky. Say there is.

Matthew Jean Decca, 44, of Cleveland Heights, said he was sitting on the porch when he saw a rare object floating near the bank of the clouds. He picked up his iPhone and started recording.

“The first thing that came to my mind was a UFO. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s certainly intelligent about what it is,” he told FOX8 News.

The anomalous movement and properties of the object convinced Jandecca that it was not from our world.

“The spinning cube and the cube changed from a spinning cube to a spinning sphere. It didn’t make any noise. It looked as if it was internal propulsion vs. external propulsion. That doesn’t mean I’m on earth, “he said.

The owner of Zone Airlines at Lorain County Airport said he believed that the flying object shown in the video could actually be identified.

“My honest opinion is that it’s a drone, not a UFO,” Bob Snezek said after watching the video a few times.

According to Snezek, who has been a pilot for 23 years, the object is likely to be a typical drone with a hood and propeller cover that looks like a cube.

“I don’t see any irregular movements that give me any signs of something outside our world,” he said.

Regarding Yandecka’s perception that the object has changed shape, Snezek said: The move on it looks pretty normal to me as a drone. “

A bigger concern for Snezek is that the aircraft operator may have created a dangerous situation in the sky.

“He’s in a very busy airspace around Cleveland itself. If he’s over 400 feet, I’d love to know who’s playing there,” he said.

You can draw your own conclusions about the video, which may result in your view of the origin of unidentified flying objects.

“It was completely exotic, so if there was such a technology, they wouldn’t share it with the general public,” said Jandecka.

“I think there’s a logical explanation. I never exclude extraterrestrial life 100%, but that’s not in my belief system at this time,” Snezek said.

Jandecka said he was ready to share his video with federal authorities. According to Snezek, Federal Aviation Administration and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport officials may investigate whether aircraft operators may have violated airspace restrictions.

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