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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-10-20 20:56:32 –

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Wisconsin, be prepared for soaring heating costs this winter.

Wisconsin’s power company and energy intelligence agency have warned of rising heating costs this winter, given that natural gas prices are double that of a year ago.

Depending on the severity of the winter, households can pay hundreds of dollars more this winter compared to last winter, when natural gas prices were much lower.

Citizens Utility Board for customers Focus on energy A rebate that helps homeowners and renters save this winter by adding insulation before the coldsnap hits. Here are some tips to consider if you spend some money on an upgrade.

  • Add insulation or upgrade the furnace.. Add extra insulation to make your home more comfortable and efficient. Focus on Energy has attic insulation and airtight incentives.In addition, Focus Air conditioning If you are considering upgrading your equipment to a more efficient unit, rebate.Some utilities such as Xcel Energy, And some cities such as Milwaukee City by Me2 Program, It provides enhanced incentives to further reduce costs.
  • Consider undergoing an energy audit To identify opportunities to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. This is especially useful if your home feels draft or your electricity bill looks higher than average. Allies focusing on energy trade Home energy assessment..Find a trading ally Near you..
  • Adjust the thermostat To adapt to changing temperatures. If you need to turn on the heating, set the thermostat to 68 degrees and lower the thermostat further when you are sleeping or away. Adjust your degree at once as needed to balance comfort and energy savings.
  • Repair the furnace or boiler now Make sure it works efficiently when the weather begins to cool. Replace the furnace filter on a regular basis to keep the furnace running efficiently. Some utilities provide additional incentives for requesting furnace repairs.
  • Use the sun.. On cool days, open the curtains and blinds all day so that the sunlight can warm your home naturally. When the sun goes down, close the curtains to prevent heat from leaking through the windows. Consider adding an energy-saving insulation curtain.
  • Efficiently cook and bake.. Cover pots and pans to reduce cooking time. Bake multiple things at once. Use clock pots and microwaves to save energy.
  • Keep the fridge and freezer full, but don’t get crowded.. If the fridge or freezer is empty, fill the milk jug with water to fill the space, and if the fridge or freezer is full, throw away old food. Unplugging that second fridge or freezer can help save money.
  • Inspect and clean the fireplace.. Make sure the fireplace is safe before using it. When you are not using the fireplace, close the fireplace damper to prevent heat from escaping.
  • Turn off unused electronics.. Especially in TVs, game consoles and home offices, unused electronics need to be turned off completely to save energy. A great idea for TVs, DVDs, game consoles, and home office equipment is to connect to a power strip and turn it off.

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