Post-Mother’s Day spring garden hits winter weather snag with forecasted snow – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2022-05-19 21:05:11 –

Denver — Due to the expected heavy snow and rain on Fridays and Saturdays, Colorado is a little confident in planting a spring garden after Mother’s Day.

Winter weather during this time is certainly rare, but not unprecedented. Now it’s important to spend time protecting trees, plants and homes.

“We have always been taught that in Colorado after Mother’s Day. [you’re] Usually on level ground. ” Verlina McUne, owner of a salon in Denver’s Capitol Hill district, said.

But this year is not the case.

“Obviously we’re past Mother’s Day,” McUne said.

Winter storms are expected to move across the Denver Metro area from Friday morning. That means that the spring garden, like the one McCune planted before her business, is at stake.

The general advice for these types of weather events is to put protective materials (plastic bags, tarpaulins, pots) on top of delicate plants.

Meteorologists expect 4-8 inches of snow to fall on Friday’s Denver Metro, so McUne isn’t taking advantage of that opportunity this year.

“Maybe I’ll cut these flowers in the morning, put them in a vase, and put them in the salon for fun that day,” McCune said. “They will probably never bloom again … especially the iris will never bloom again.

When you try to protect your tree, it gets a little tricky.

“When a tree is hit by a storm, it’s never clean,” said Michael Sandberg, district manager at the Davey Tree Expert Company.

Most trees are already foliage. In other words, the weight of heavy, wet snow increases the chances of your limbs breaking.

“That’s why it’s important to get snow if possible,” Sandberg said. “You are saving future problems with the tree, and you will not lose its canopy, especially if there is a lot of damage.”

Getting rid of the snow is a very simple process.

For medium-sized trees, Sandberg said, “A long broomstick or something can do a pretty good job of shaking off excessive weight, or a tree trunk enough to shed snow. You can even shake it off. “

Whatever is bigger than a medium-sized tree, Sundberg says most may be out of luck.

“When something gets bigger, you have to cross your fingers and expect the best,” he said.

There are certainly many trees in the metro area that rise above houses and power lines, which can cause safety problems if they fall. As a result, Xcel Energy says it has strengthened its 24-hour paramedics and is waiting for the expected power outages from this storm.

Post-Mother’s Day spring garden hits winter weather snag with forecasted snow Source link Post-Mother’s Day spring garden hits winter weather snag with forecasted snow

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