Post office shooting in Tennessee – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-10-14 13:53:19 –

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Memphis, Tennessee (AP) — A United States Postal Service Letter Carrier The person who shot the manager and supervisor before committing suicide at a Tennessee post office was not a violent person, but was bullied at work by his boss, the mother said Thursday.

Tracy Haley told The Associated Press that her 28-year-old son, John Travolta, was the one who shot two post office colleagues at a Memphis sorting facility on Tuesday.

She said her son called her and said she was being bullied by her boss.

“He was a church attendant. People at work just bullied him,” she said. “My son went to the job faithfully every day and worked long hours … I get stressed and go home because they talk to him somehow.”

Haley spoke with an AP journalist in the apartment complex where her son lived when a postal inspector took her younger sister aside for cross-examination. The inspector declined to comment.

She felt sorry for the victim’s family and said she apologized to them.

According to Shri Green, Area Vice President of the National Association of Postal Supervisors, customer service manager James Wilson and customer service supervisor Demetria Dortch have been killed.

Law enforcement authorities give little or no information about people shot or killed. The postal inspector did not respond to repeated requests for comments, and the Associated Press was unable to request comments from the victim’s family.

Dolucci’s friends post messages on social media and call her a good friend and a great director. Wilson was described by his cousin, postal worker Roxanne Rogers, as “a humble soul, one of the greatest directors you can hope for.”

green Told AP She didn’t know the motive, but “obviously something was happening in the carrier’s mind.”

“This is a sign of the times,” Green said, saying that the COVID-19 pandemic increased absenteeism and the need for training led to the hiring of new employees, which caused more stress. “Overall the post office, they work long hours, six or seven days a week. It’s just stressful.”

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