Potential No.1 NBA draft pick Jalen Green revamps childhood court in Fresno for youth – Fresno, California

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Fresno, CA (KFSN)-The NBA Draft will be completed within two weeks.

The first round will air here at ABC30 on July 29th.

Fresno’s Aari McDonald is third overall in the WNBA draft, followed by Jalen Green as potentially the first overall pick.

Green returned to the city where he was raised on Saturday afternoon and, through his love of basketball, gave back in the best way he knew.

A former San Joaquin Memorial High player signed at Corrigian Park, a completely refurbished childhood court, and took pictures with his fans.

“In a way, it’s surreal. I didn’t think I was here. I came from nothing. I wasn’t even a basketball player at first. That’s all I can say,” he said.

Added Mayor Dier who attended the event:

“For years, in this case decades, we have the athletic ability to allow someone to run through your city and lead them to the top of the game.”

Jalen Green was a high school graduated five-star shooting guard before choosing to join the NBA G League rather than playing in college. During Ignite’s inauguration season, Green averaged 17.9 points, 4.1 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game.

His skills, advertised as one of the association’s up-and-coming and illustrious stars, were built in Collijin Park.

It’s where he spent his childhood hooping with his friends.

“I live in an apartment 5 minutes down the street. We came here to play soccer, play basketball and kick. There was a spectacular battle on this court. There were some, “he recalls.

Green always envisioned a courtroom before the NBA Draft. When he signed with Adidas in May, the idea became a reality. A partnership between Adidas, Green, Project Backboard and the City of Fresno has created a refurbished court.

“The fact that he hasn’t signed an NBA contract yet and is already giving back to our city … he’s very humble at the memorial,” said Brad Roznovsky, head basketball coach at San Joaquin Memorial. I knew I would be a child. ” ..

“I never imagined it was his life to do such a big thing when he was so young.”

Gleam broke with a monster’s one-handed slam on a newly designed coat. This shows what happens in his career.

“He recognizes the importance of giving back to the community and believes he will be number one overall in the NBA. The community he believes has contributed to his success. The young people behind him have the opportunity to enjoy. . Play on the basketball court he played. “

A former teammate of San Joakin Memorial came to help with his family. Even central graduate Jaylon Johnson, who is currently playing for the Chicago Bears, said Green was like his brother to him.

“He’s a young kid who always had the ambition to play basketball. You can see where he’s talented, add hard work, and go the right way …” Johnson said.

That path led him to play at the highest level. Within two weeks, Fresno natives will travel to Brooklyn, New York for an NBA draft at Barclays Center. Detroit Pistons is ranked number one overall.

“You may be a little anxious and nervous, but it’s all part of the plan. My dream will come true and I’ll do it,” Green said.

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Potential No.1 NBA draft pick Jalen Green revamps childhood court in Fresno for youth Source link Potential No.1 NBA draft pick Jalen Green revamps childhood court in Fresno for youth

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