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Omaha, Nebraska 2021-09-21 19:02:03 –

Council Bluffs, Iowa (KMTV)-In one report from Health and Human Services, Iowa ranks 25th out of 52 states and territories in terms of vaccination coverage.

Darcy Jones, an assistant at CHI Health Physician, says he heard all sorts of misinformation that was hard to hear.

“Sometimes it’s kind of weird. For example, I think,” Now I have 5G in my body and now my body is magnetized. ” “Where did such a thing come from?” Jones said. “Do you really believe that?”

On some phone calls she didn’t know how to answer.

“People who complain that they have to be vaccinated for work and wear masks at school, and those who are dissatisfied with being told what to do,” Jones said. ..

According to Matt Wyant of the Pottawattamie County Public Health Service, the county is located in about 50% of eligible residents who have been vaccinated. He noticed that the number of applications was declining when he was told by his employer that he was obliged to vaccinate. Currently, only about three people are seen at the clinic overnight.

“We saw the opposite and expected to see more people sign up for it preemptively. Knowing that this change could happen, those individuals Seemed to have the opposite effect, “said Wyant.

Wyant calls turnout “disappointing.”

“We all have COVID malaise. We all struggle to keep echoing the message in different ways to get people’s attention. Even in our hospital, we The number is increasing in hospitals, new cases, the number continues to increase in delta variants in our area, “said Wyant.

Jones wants to emphasize that he does not choose to vaccinate.

“If you’re not vaccinated, you run the risk of getting sick with COVID,” Jones said. “And can you be one of those who have COVID and are asymptomatic? Can you be one who has COVID and is mildly ill or seriously ill? ? There is a risk of not taking the vaccine. You will be exposed and get sick. “

According to Wyant, the goal is to vaccinate 60% of eligible residents.Click for more information here..

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Pottawattamie County dealing with vaccine hesitancy Source link Pottawattamie County dealing with vaccine hesitancy

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