Pound of ahi almost doubles due to high demand and low supply – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-07-27 00:27:10 –

Honolulu (KHON2) — High demand is pushing up ahi prices. People can expect to pay almost twice as much to poke a pound.

This was the opposite problem experienced by the fish market at the start of last year’s pandemic, and there were not enough buyers for all the fresh catch. Right now, there are too many buyers and not enough fish.

Gaita Mashiro, vice president of the Tamashiro Market, is reducing the number of fish he buys because he knows that his daily catch will not sell very fast at current highs.

“Last year’s prices were completely different, day and night,” said Tamaki.

Now the price is very high. Michael Goto, auction manager at United Fishing Agency, said it was the demand for fish from resorts, restaurants and visitors that was driving prices.

In addition, fishing boats have recently returned with reduced catches.

“There is a shortage of local supplies,” Goto said. “The shortage of foreign supply and the high demand itself. These are the three factors that have raised market prices to this kind of unexpected level.”

In certain markets, £ 1 of fresh pork runs for around $ 25 per pound. If the price of ahi is too high, it will stop selling in places like Nico’s.

“This is what I’ve been to in the last two days,” said Nico Chaise, owner of Nico Pier 38. “I replaced it with salmon. For now, salmon is cheaper than Ahi.”

Nico’s internal display is usually full of various fish fillets, but was emptied on Monday.

“It’s not that fish don’t go in, but it’s so expensive that it doesn’t make sense to put it on the display. No one buys fish for $ 50 or $ 60 per pound. Probably. ”

According to Tamaki, some customers asked about the current price. He tries to explain to them that the rise in prices is due to high demand and low supply. He hopes there will be more catch when more boats come back next week.

“I’m trying to explain the situation, but some people understand the problem. Some of them are sticker shocks, which is what they are doing now.”

The highs didn’t stop the busy lunch rush to poke.

Pound of ahi almost doubles due to high demand and low supply Source link Pound of ahi almost doubles due to high demand and low supply

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