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Power play flashes potential in Golden Knights preseason opener – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-09-27 01:55:00 –

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San Jose Sharks Mario Ferraro (38) and Vegas Golden Knights right-wing Evgenidadnov (63) will fight the board in the third period of the pre-NHL hockey game in Las Vegas on Sunday, September 26, 2021. .. The shark won 4-2.

The beauty of the preseason is that the Golden Knights will feel better about one notable improvement in the game, even if they are defeated.

Vegas power play led to one of those three opportunities and always seemed dangerous. This was far from last season’s case of not being able to convert to all 15 power play opportunities lost to Montreal in the playoff series.

Evgenidadnov and Nolan Patrick played a new role when Max Pasiletti scored and Vegas lost optimistically to San Jose Sharks at T-Mobile Arena 4-2.

“If I went 3 to 3, I wouldn’t say I was sitting here and fixing it. It’s not as broken as if I went 0 to 3 in the next game,” said Pete Devore. .. “I would like you to see this throughout the year and evaluate it at the end of the year. There are ups and downs. I like some of the works and their appearance, but there is still a long way to go and there are many things to prove, and the end of the year. You can see where it is. “

The best sequence of power play didn’t even lead to a goal, but it did show exactly why Vegas fine-tuned its roster as it did in the off-season.

In the second period, Vegas moved the puck before finding Dadonov in the middle of the ice. A touch pass from Patrick set up a sniper. The sniper fired the puck from the post before the advantage ended without a goal.

This play was important, especially in the playoffs, as it showed a level of creativity that the team lacked last season. Pasio Retti and Markstone were great, and Vegas often relied on their scoring ability, but Dadonov offers another weapon by ripping shots from the bumper in a play that neither involved.

The unit seemed quite dangerous due to the team’s new players when the netfront presence led to Patrick’s goal in Pasiolletti’s third season of power play.

“We thought some of them looked good and brought them there,” Patrick said. “I’ve played a lot of netfronts in my career, so I’m pretty comfortable there. I thought it worked pretty well tonight.”

Several newcomers also impressed their first game action.

Paul Cotter, a 21-year-old fourth-round pick from 2018, scored the first goal of the Golden Knights set by Jack Dugan, a fifth-round pick from 2017.

“Looking up, it’s hard (confidently) for Brent Burns to come down the ice, but I thought it worked,” Cotter said. “Obviously, Goal made me a little happy, so I wasn’t too afraid to do anything beyond that.”

The bad news was the injury of some major players. The stone was struck by the puck early in the first period. He signaled the trainer, spent a moment on the painful ice, and then headed to the dressing room but never returned.

Shay Theodore did not take the ice in the third period, and Braden McNab left the game in the third period.

DeBoer Stone got some stitches, but keeping him out for the rest of the game was “preventive”. He didn’t have the latest information about Theodore and McNab.

For the remaining players, it was far from a perfect game, as expected from the first preseason contest of the year.

The Golden Knights seemed disjointed, especially early on, as they struggled to connect with the vivid neutral zone plays that Vegas often succeeded in.

One of Las Vegas’ most promising candidates scored two defensive zone turnovers, one each for Peyton Krebs and Lucas Comier.

Certainly the game had a bright spot. Patrick and Dadnov looked home and goalkeeper Logan Thompson made an acrobatic save on his first start as a Vegas goalkeeper.

There are six more games before the regular season begins, and DeBoer seems to be looking for gradual improvements by October 12.

“Overall, I think it looked like the first exhibition game. It’s a little slop fest,” DeBoer said. “You need to take it about what it is. I think our mind was in the right place. I think some people worked hard but made some mistakes in the pack. Some commit and obviously clean up as it progresses. “

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