“Power” Spin-off Will “Deconstruction” 50 Cent Canaan-Hollywood Life

The legacy of “power” follows “growing Canaan.” HL received an exclusive scoop on “Canaan before becoming Canaan” from star Mekai Curtis and showrunner Sashca Penn.

Now in the world of Canaan Stark, we just live there.Second Power spin off, Powerbook 3: Grow CanaanFollow 15-year-old Canaan, who lives in South Jamaica, Queens. Hollywood Life Speaked exclusively Mekai Curtis About taking on a role 50 cents Became famous for the original Power series.

“When we caught up with Canaan, it was 1991. He is 15 years old. You met Canaan before he became Canaan,” Mekai said. Hollywood Life.. “Through the shows, through the seasons, through the series, whatever, you will see how he became the person we saw in the original. Power..That’s why it’s called Grow Canaan.. It’s about the environment, the impact, and the social climate that raised Canaan. You can see the many choices he had to make and why he made them. “

Mekai Curtis as a young Canaan Stark. (STARZ)

Sascha also said Hollywood Life, “I think the version you get is the one you feel linked to and connected to the version you finally got as 50 Cent. What we’re doing is Canaan because he was 50 years old. It’s dismantling. It’s like we’re rebuilding him with his 15-year-old version. “

Mekai remembered that his first encounter with 50 Cent was “super cold” and didn’t happen until he went very deep into the casting process. “My first encounter with 50 people was in my chemistry Patina mirrorThis was my last audition, “Mekai said. It was the first time I met 50. But yeah, it was a very cool interaction. “

Sascha, the casting of young Kanan, Grow Canaan team. “We knew it would come in because we have this character that has already been established, fully realized, and realized in some sort of epic way by the age of fifty,” Sasha continued. I did. “We searched the whole country. I think Akemi came early and got a job early. What we didn’t do is because they don’t want us to impersonate 50 cents. To tell the actors who were reading for the role they were reading in. Basically, we wanted to see who they were as actors. “

Mekai Curtis
Mekai Curtis and 50 Cent pose together. (STARZ)

“Mekai has a lot of 50 features. This is one of the innate charms and sensibilities. Again, Mekai also has 50 humanity. He hasn’t got enough credit. I think it’s an aspect of acting ability in the fifties. It has a real sense of humanity, humor and charm. People get this, even if it’s related to Canaan. I think that the character that 50 was realized as Canaan was layered and deep. Mekai has the same nature. ” Grow Canaan It will be broadcast on STARZ on Sunday.

“Power” Spin-off Will “Deconstruction” 50 Cent Canaan-Hollywood Life

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