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PPS Board of Directors Votes for Missions Over 12 On November 2

Students roam downtown Portland during the September 10, 2021 pandemic (KOIN)

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) —The Portland Public Schools Commission is considering requiring all students over the age of 12 to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. But before they vote in early November, they’re hearing from their parents. Many parents.

There were three different groups in the listening session on Tuesday night. Each session was divided by different high schools, giving more people the opportunity to speak. “Vaccines, masking, and COVID support are difficult topics,” said Michel Depas, director of the school board, in a group that includes Grant High School, McDaniel High School, and Jefferson High School.

Parents Catherine Potter and Chris Hansen spoke in favor of the mission.

PPS Board Maru is a gradual vaccine requirement for students

“I’m here to show support for people over the age of 12,” Potter said, saying there is good evidence that “the more vaccinated, the better for all of us.”

Hansen said the immunization obligation is not new to public schools. “This vaccine is better, so we fully support the mandatory vaccine.”

About 20 other parents opposed vaccination obligations over the age of 12. They have myocarditis (heart inflammation), potential long-term health effects unknown, emergency license status of the vaccine (although the Pfizer vaccine has full FDA approval), and children for it. He pointed out concerns about being bullied or banished.

Registration: PPS Vaccine Obligation Listening Session for PPS 12+ on Thursday, October 21, 2021

“I strongly believe that vaccination decisions are personal,” said Erin Snyder, parent of Jefferson High, adding that it is a “polarizing and dividing topic.”

If the PPS Board approves a mission over the age of 12, more than 12 parents said they would separate their children from the school district.

“It’s better to recommend vaccination if you feel it’s right for you, rather than mandating it,” said parent Eric Lambert.

From Student to PPS: Mandatory Vaccine for Children Over 12 Years

After the discussion, PPS leaders said there were many things to consider.

“I haven’t decided,” Depas said of the mission. “I feel that I need to study more about unintended and intended effects.”

There is Two more virtual listening sessions scheduled for Thursday. One is primarily for Spanish speakers and the other is for students only.

After these remaining listening sessions, the PPS Board will meet on October 26th to discuss their findings. They are set to vote for the mandate on November 2nd.

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PPS parents weigh in on 12-and-older COVID vaccine mandate Source link PPS parents weigh in on 12-and-older COVID vaccine mandate

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