Pratt & Whitney engine scrutinized after the Boeing Jet accident

In February 2018, the engine fan blades broke while United was flying over the Pacific Ocean, causing the engine to fail and the cowling to be lost. Like last weekend’s flight, the plane was a Boeing 777 with a PW4077 engine. The pilot was able to safely land the plane in Hawaii without injuring 374 passengers and crew.

After investigating the episode, the NTSB accused Pratt & Whitney of lacking the training necessary for one of the inspectors to catch the signs of a defective blade, saying, “A cracked blade is in service. It was returned and eventually damaged. ” In 2019, the FAA ordered further inspection of the fan blades of these engines. Recently, authorities were inspecting fan blade debris from a Japanese flight and considering whether to adjust the inspection of components, he said on Monday.

When airlines buy new planes, they usually have the choice of engine to use. In some cases, they even lease engines from banks, according to Eric Jones, chairman of the Department of Aeronautical Maintenance Sciences at Embry-Riddle Aviation University.

“They are very compatible,” Jones said.

United became the first Boeing 777 customer in the 1990s We have chosen to equip our jets with Pratt & Whitney’s new PW4000 engine... Another early customer, All Nippon Airways, also chose the engine.

When a major airline owns an aircraft, it usually takes over the responsibility for regular maintenance and inspection of all parts of the aircraft. Prior to each flight, the pilot will go around the plane and perform a visual inspection, including fan blades. Technicians perform various system checks. When a part such as an engine requires deeper repair or inspection, it is often sent for inspection by a third party or the manufacturer himself.

“Boeing does not perform regular engine maintenance,” the company said in a statement on Monday. “All decisions other than published approved manuals are the responsibility of the operator and engine manufacturer.”

The cause of the engine fire in the Netherlands is not yet clear, but Dutch officials began investigating the episode in the Netherlands on Saturday.

Pratt & Whitney engine scrutinized after the Boeing Jet accident

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