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Prepare A Perfect Cup of Espresso with Delonghi

Do you love your espresso so much that you are thinking of buying an espresso machine for your kitchen? Is the barista in you dying to try new recipes or making the perfect espresso shot at your home?

If that is the case, then Delonghi has got you covered. They provide a series of espresso machines that let you get the perfect shot of this rich and concentrated coffee drink whenever you want.

Prepare A Perfect Cup of Espresso with Delonghi

The Best of Delonghi Kitchen Machines

According to them, having an espresso machine in your kitchen awakens your inner barista. Java connoisseurs have a promise of falling in love with these top-quality products that make your cup of coffee all the more delicious. If you want to get one for your kitchen, then you can choose from:

La Specialista

This coffee maker comes with three preset recipes for all coffee lovers. With all the hand tools it comes with, whether you have any experience or not, you can easily craft top-quality coffee for you to enjoy at home or in the office.

The 19-bar pump pressure machine comes with stainless steel finishing, dishwasher-safe removable parts, and active rinsing. Also, you can customize your beverage personalization, hence can indulge in your perfect espresso-based coffee drink consistently and conveniently.

Dedica Style White

When making a Delonghi: espresso coffee, you only have to choose your blend, your milk and get working. Dedica style white comes with an adjustable milk frother for when you want a cappuccino, a double drop drip tray that makes it easy to use mugs and glasses, and thermoblock technology that makes sure you have the perfectly brewed espresso.

This 15-bar pump pressure coffee maker has a compact design fitted with ground coffee or pod holders. The machine also has an auto shut-off feature that turns it off after 20 minutes to save energy.

Dedica Style Metal

Delonghi: espresso coffee comes to life with Dedica style metal espresso machine. This 1300 Watt, 15 bar pump pressure, 4.2 kg machine comes with a stainless steel body painted silver.

It features button controls and can accommodate a 120mm high cup or mug. The 1.1-liter water capacity goes through a passive cup warmer and thermoblock heating system, through your ground coffee or pods and triple filters to ensure that you get the perfect shot of espresso every time you brew coffee.

Dedica Style Red

If you wish to brew rich, barista-grade, smooth espressos at home, then the Dedica Style Red Delonghi: espresso coffee maker is the choice for you.

This thermoblock-enabled machine ensures that you can brew your cup of coffee at the perfect temperature, using ground coffee or coffee pods for convenience.

The 15cm base gives you a lot of space for your mug. Also, you can remove the drip tray to create more height for your glass. It has three filters and runs on 220-240 Volts, 50-60 Hz frequency.

Active Line Adjustable

Imagine pulling a shot of espresso on a stainless steel boiler with professional filter holders fitted with aluminum finishing.

Well, the Delonghi: espresso coffee maker makes this possible with its compact design. It features two thermostats to control water and steam temperatures. The metal cup warmer, single-button controls, and transparent removable water tank are also critical features of this machine.

Prepare A Perfect Cup of Espresso with Delonghi

The Active line adjustable espresso/cappuccino maker has a removable drip tray, an accessory storage unit that can hold two cups, filters, and pods. It also has a steam emission regulating knob for frothing milk for your cappuccino.




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