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Presbyterian’s Hefley, Kelley reunite for historic start to season – Valley Stream, New York

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Clinton, South Carolina (WSPA) – Presbyterian quarterback Ren Hefrey’s record performance in the opening round shocked football. But at that moment, it turned out that it took years to go back to making it as a kid in Arkansas.

“I first learned about Ren when he was born,” Kelly said with a laugh. “I know the life of my family.”

Ren’s brother was a quarterback for head coach Kevin Kelly for four years at the high school powerhouse Pulaski Academy. Meanwhile, Ren was already studying the system in elementary school.

“I wanted them to run our system, our formation, a very watered down version of our words,” Kelly said.

“I played a quarterback from 5th place to junior high school on his attack and then played for him for a year as a quarterback for his junior national team,” Hefrey added.

The quarterback eventually became a walk-on in Michigan, and his former coach was looking to rebuild after deciding to join the program two seasons later.

“When you start playing at another school, it’s like,” Wow, he’s really doing something at PA (Plaskey Academy). ” And you start paying a little more attention to his attack. And I’m definitely grateful that it’s back and playing there … Ultimately, this is where I wanted. ”

Despite coming to the PC from the Power 5 program and familiar with the system, Hefley still had to win the job and win the team. Kelly said he did exactly that with his play and leadership in the field of practice.

“He had a perfect attitude.” I enter. I will compete for the spot. He had to work in the field and show them that he was the man who would be their leader in the area. ”

Hefrey not only set the FCS record with 10 touchdowns on his PC debut. He followed it four more times in the second week, starting Blue Horse 2-0.

“I wasn’t really thinking about statistics or anything like that,” Hefrey recalled. “I’m glad I wasn’t because I was a little more excited and might have cut it off a little earlier, but that made a lot of sense to me and my teammates were part of it. I hope it makes a lot of sense. ”

“I hope they speak of the fact that they are beginning to agree with what we are doing,” Kelly said. “Overall, it was a pretty cool deal, and I’m glad they could do it, because it’s rare to say that such NCAA records have their own name.”

The historic start of a historic duo.

Presbyterian’s Hefley, Kelley reunite for historic start to season Source link Presbyterian’s Hefley, Kelley reunite for historic start to season

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