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President Biden appeared at LBCC for Governor Newsom’s “Stop Recall” rally – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-09-14 17:33:45 –

US President Joe Biden was welcomed by Governor Gavin Newsom at the Republican Recall Rally on September 13, 2021 in LAC. President Biden was the first president to visit Long Beach City College and talked about the splendor of the city of Long Beach. .. Photo by Jorge Hernandez.

President Joe Biden and other prominent political leaders will be at Long Beach City College on Monday night, September 13, 2021 to assist Governor Gavin Newsom within a day of California’s recall. I attended the rally.

The liberal arts campus and surrounding areas were closed early Monday afternoon in preparation for a campaign event to stop the Republican recall.

Local residents and students from Long Beach City College gathered to help Governor Newsom. Hear from community leaders, state representatives, Mayor of Long Beach, Robert Garcia, and President Joe Biden, who voted against the recall and emphasized the importance of opposition to the strongest Republican candidate, Larry Elder. rice field.

Members of the Governor of Newsam’s administration, members of the state legislature, Democratic National Committee chairman Jaime Harrison, and Senator Alex Padilla spoke at the rally.

Mayor Garcia spoke to a crowd urging voters to vote against the recall, claiming that “our values ​​and democracy are being attacked.”

Mayor Garcia thanked Governor Newsam and President Biden for their response to the COVID-19 pandemic and criticized Larry Elder’s attitude toward pandemics and his views on women’s rights and social justice.

Governor Newsom then went on stage and began to stir up the crowd by comparing the enemy’s policy position and attitude with former President Donald Trump. “We may have defeated Donald Trump, but we have never defeated trumpism,” Newsom claimed.

Newsom emphasized the importance of combating climate change by focusing on recent wildfires in Northern California, which burned more than 2.2 million acres this year.

California Governor Gavin Newsom talks about GOP’s efforts to absent him at the Republican Recall rally on September 13, 2021 at LAC. .. Photo by Jorge Hernandez.

Biden was then introduced and began his speech by praising California as the most diverse state in the country and having the largest economy.

He went on to say about the importance of this election: “The decision you’re making will have a big impact on California, and it will resonate across the country.”

During the event, a crowd of supporters accepted the speeches of politicians. At the same time, a crowd of outside protesters was audibly noisy during the rally.

For the safety of the event in COVID-19, participants needed vaccinations and masks.

When asked why Long Beach was chosen as one of the final destinations for the campaign, Newsome’s team said Southern California was crucial due to the high population density of voters.

The closing message of the Newsom campaign focused on protecting diversity, our climate, workers’ rights, and women’s reproductive rights.

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