President Biden said it was “very important” to get vaccinated against Cincinnati City Hall

By Alexandra Jaffe and Aamer Madhani

President Joe Biden complained Wednesday about the decline in COVID-19 vaccination rates in the United States, saying it is “very important” for Americans to step up and inoculate against the rising virus again Insisted.

Biden said in a televised city hall in Cincinnati that the public health crisis turned into an unvaccinated plight as the delta epidemic led to a surge in infectious diseases across the country.

“People who haven’t been vaccinated have a pandemic. It’s very basic and very easy,” he told CNN Town Hall.

The president also expressed optimism that children under the age of 12 would be approved for vaccination in the coming months. However, he expressed resentment that so many qualified Americans still hated being shot.

“If you are vaccinated, you will not be hospitalized, you will not belong to an IC unit, and you will not die,” Biden said in a forum at Mount St. Joseph University. “So it’s very important that we all behave like Americans who care for our fellow Americans.”

Over 80 minutes, Biden asked questions about many of the pressing issues of the day, including infrastructure packages, voting rights, and the formation of a parliamentary committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riots. He also looks back on what it’s like to be president, and sometimes the glitz of his work and the weight of being the “last man in the room” force him to make daunting decisions. He said he would be surprised.

Six months after taking office, tame the coronavirus continues to be his most pressing issue.

Almost all hospitalizations and deaths in the United States are among unvaccinated individuals. However, cases of COVID-19 nearly tripled in two weeks amid an onslaught of false information about vaccines that burdened hospitals, exhausted doctors and forced clergy into conflict.

Throughout the United States, a 7-day moving average of new daily cases has exceeded 37,000 in the last two weeks, rising from less than 13,700 on Tuesday, July 6, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 56.2% of Americans are vaccinated at least once.

The president said that even his critics were worried about the rise to the point of opposition to disinformation about the vaccine.

Biden indirectly mentions the famous conservative personality who “called the altar” in Fox News and is now more openly speaking to skeptical guests about the benefits of being vaccinated. Sean Hannity recently told viewers, “I believe in the science of vaccination,” urging viewers to take the disease seriously. Steve Doocy, co-sponsor of Fox and Friends, told viewers this week that vaccination “will save your life.”

“I was delighted to have the courage to say what they said,” Biden told reporters before boarding Air Force One and returning to Washington.

Asked about rising prices, Biden admitted that “short-term inflation will occur” as the economy recovers from the pandemic, but “it is very unlikely that long-term inflation will get out of hand.” It was.

Biden, who visited Ohio to increase his support for the economic agenda, visited the union training center in front of the Town Hall.

The trip begins after Republican Senator rejects the $ 1 trillion blueprint in a major test vote on Wednesday, as the fate of his infrastructure proposal remains unclear. A bipartisan group of 22 senators said in a post-voting joint statement that they were approaching a deal agreement and demanded a postponement until Monday.

Biden was confident in the results, saying, “That’s a good thing and I think we’re going to get it done.”

While lawmakers are arguing over the details of his proposal on Capitol Hill, Biden rebuilds the middle class and his nearly to maintain the economic growth the country has seen during the first six months of the president. He claimed that he needed a $ 4 trillion package.

The president’s visit took him near the dangerously outdated Brent Spence Bridge. This is the chokepoint for trucks and emergency vehicles between Ohio and Kentucky, and the last two presidents have promised no successful replacement.

Biden made a transient reference to the structure and told city hall attendees that it was time to “repair your damn bridge.”

When faced with questions about the tragedy of drug addiction, he delved into the individual, saying he was “very proud” of his son Hunter Biden, who published a memoir about the fight against substance abuse. .. The president also said he was a little self-conscious about some of the peripheral benefits associated with the office. He laughed when he told some of the White House staff not to come to serve breakfast. The real reason: The president likes to eat breakfast in his robe.

Biden, from CNN moderator Don Lemon, explains why he feels the need to protect what some critics claim is a legislative tactic that was once used to protect racist policies. Defended filibuster against repeated questions.

He said he was trying to unite the country over the need to protect his right to vote and did not want to “discuss only whether there was filibuster.” “If the Democratic Party removes the filibuster, it will confuse the entire parliament and nothing will happen,” Biden said.

Returning to Washington, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was elected by House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy on Wednesday to join a committee investigating the Capitol rebellion on January 6. Rejected Republicans. McCarthy said the Republicans wouldn’t participate in the investigation if the Democrats didn’t accept the members he appointed.

Lemon asked how Biden could be confident that Republicans and Democrats could come together when they couldn’t even agree to investigate an attack on the bravest US Capitol in 200 years. ..

Biden simply replied “these people,” nodding to the forum audience, and his belief in Americans was greatly written. But Biden also seemed to admit that the rift in Washington’s factions had gone crazy.

“You can think of me as Satan’s reincarnation,” Biden said. “In fact, I can’t watch the TV and hear people say that nothing happened on the 6th and that this was a peaceful march.”


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