President Biden’s 13-year-old dog Champ dies – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-06-19 14:34:47 –

Their German Shepherd Champ, a longtime companion of the first family, died peacefully at home.

The White House announced on Saturday that Bidens’ 13-year-old German Shepherd Champ died peacefully at home.

“We love our sweet and good boy and will always miss him,” a statement released on Twitter said.

Champ was a long-loved companion to President Biden and his first family with his family. During his time Also as Vice President of the Obama administration.

Bidens hired another dog, Major, from the Delaware Humane Association in 2018. Champ joined the family after the 2008 presidential election with Joe Biden as Vice President.

In January, Champ joined the rest of the family as Champ and Major became the first pets to live in the White House since the Obama administration.

President Biden’s Saturday statement said of the last day of the champ: He wanted to be wherever we were. When he was next to us, everything got better soon. ”

“We love sweet and good boys and will always miss him,” the president’s statement said.

Bydens was occasionally seen walking two dogs at the White House South Lawn, who sometimes joined the president to travel to Camp David and visit Delaware’s home.

Major has drawn headlines about his bad behavior in the past.Major to Biden Injured leg In November, after stumbling on a young dog while the then president-elect was playing.Major and Champ were brought back to Delaware at some point, and Major was trained after a young dog had two separate dogs. Biting case With the White House and an unknown dog Looks sick In the corridor of the White House.

Champs, who have shown their age in recent months with their gray fur and slow gait, were often quieter.

Bidens is expected to bring cats to the White House to join the family in the near future.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

President Biden’s 13-year-old dog Champ dies Source link President Biden’s 13-year-old dog Champ dies

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