President Joe Biden to sign policing order, reviewing use of force, on anniversary of George Floyd’s death – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2022-05-25 05:22:25 –

Washington-Parliament is stalled on how to deal with racism and excessive use of force, and President Joe Biden will sign a police order on Wednesday, the second anniversary of George Floyd’s death.

The decision was that Biden struggled to use the limited power of his office to advance campaign promises, and police and civil rights, when growing concerns about crime overturned the call for reform. It reflects the attempt to balance the group.

Most of the orders focus on federal law enforcement agencies. For example, we are requesting that we review and revise our policy on the use of force. According to the White House, it will also create a database to help track executive misconduct.

Governments cannot require local police stations to participate in databases aimed at preventing problematic police officers from jumping from job to job, but authorities are to encourage their cooperation. I’m looking for a way to use federal funds.

In addition, this order will limit the flow of surplus military equipment to local police.

The announcement is scheduled for the first day after Biden’s first visit to Asia as president.

Rev. Al Sharpton described Biden’s order as an “important step” to show that the president “takes control” when Congress failed to act, but activists promote legislation. He said he would “never give up” to do.

“George Floyd has awakened us, and we shouldn’t go back to sleep,” Sharpton said in a statement.

Biden is expected to appear with Floyd’s relatives, whose killings by Minneapolis police caused a national protest two years ago.

This was the largest series of demonstrations in American history during the blockade of the coronavirus and the divisive reelection campaign of President Donald Trump.

However, turning the first protest into a political change has proven difficult.

When four police officers were convicted of killing Floyd last year, Biden urged Congress to pass a law to reform police by the anniversary of his death.

The conviction was “not enough,” he said, and “we can’t stop here.”

However, the bill was not passed, bipartisan talks were postponed and later collapsed.

The White House finally decided to proceed with enforcement actions rather than waiting for Congress.

In September, the Justice Department reduced the use of knock ban warrants by federal agents. This allows law enforcement agencies to enter the house without announcing their existence. We also updated our policy to ban investigators from using strangler figs in most situations.

However, extending such rules to local police is more difficult, and White House officials have spent months negotiating with civil rights and police organizations.

The resulting set of policies is not broader than originally required, not to mention a year behind.

“We are fully aware that presidential directives cannot deal with the American political crisis as much as Congress can, but we must do everything we can,” said NAACP Chairman Derrick Johnson. Stated.

The order goes beyond issues, including illegal activity and the use of force. It also assesses the impact of facial recognition software on citizens’ freedom, looks for ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in federal correction facilities, and suggests better ways to collect data on police practices.

This study may ultimately lay the groundwork for further change within future US law enforcement agencies.

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President Joe Biden to sign policing order, reviewing use of force, on anniversary of George Floyd’s death Source link President Joe Biden to sign policing order, reviewing use of force, on anniversary of George Floyd’s death

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