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Omaha, Nebraska 2021-11-25 02:21:40 –

Ted Carter, President of the University of Nebraska Systems, announced the winners of the 2021-202 Presidential Graduate Fellowship.

Prestigious fellowships are awarded annually to a selected group of NU graduate students based on their high academic performance and personal achievements. Fellows receive annual scholarships offered through the University of Nebraska Foundation. This allows you to proceed full-time at either the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO), the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), or the University of Nebraska Lincoln. (UNL).

Recipients have advanced degrees in various research fields.

The recipients of UNO are:

Dr. Felipe Blanco Candidate for Public Administration. Blanco has a PhD. At UNO in Public Administration, which focuses on public policy and administrative theory. After earning a bachelor’s degree in economics from the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and a master’s degree in public administration and public policy from Centrode Investigación y Dokencia Económicas (CIDE), he became an assistant professor in the Ministry of Public Affairs. Management with CIDE.

Blanco came to UNO as a student in 2018, during which time he was recognized for his work from specialized agencies in the fields of public policy and administration. These awards include the Equity and Inclusion Fellowship of the Public Policy Management Association (APPAM) and the prestigious Founder Fellowship of the American Academy of Public Administration (ASPA).

Robin Tate, a master’s student in English. After earning a bachelor’s degree in general research, Tait continues his master’s degree in English with a focus on creative nonfiction at UNO, pursuing an advanced writing certificate for creative nonfiction at UNO.

Earlier this year, her essay “20 seconds every 20 minutes” was published in Brevity, a major creative nonfiction journal, and another essay “A Voice of Decision: Elsie Harlan” was published in Women’s Archive. rice field. project. Her other experiences include giving a presentation “Why Omaha Forgot Omaha: Naive Analysis” at the “You Are Here” conference at Creighton University and the Nebraska Indian Community College.

Presidential Graduate Fellowships Awarded to Two Mavericks | News Source link Presidential Graduate Fellowships Awarded to Two Mavericks | News

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