Primary will narrow historic seven-candidate field for Hennepin County attorney

2022-08-05 14:36:48 –

With seven candidates vying for office at the Hennepin County Attorney, the first primary of the 21st century is more competitive than ever.

Candidates range from retired judges and former public defenders to prosecutors and state legislators. With violent crime on the rise and increased scrutiny of police brutality following the killing of George Floyd, they say their experience and vision make them ideal for the role.

Although voter turnout is typically low, the primary could mobilize a record number of voters to determine the successor to Mike Freeman, the retired county’s longest-serving chief prosecutor. After that, the two candidates with the highest percentage of votes will advance to the general election. The winner makes decisions on claims related to police killings, car hijacking, and juvenile and child protection cases while overseeing Minnesota’s largest law firm with approximately 500 employees and her $65 million budget. will lead.

Retired Hennepin County District Judge Martha Holton Dimmick, A 69-year-old Minneapolis woman said there was growing concern about increased gun violence in communities north of Minneapolis, but the focus of her campaign was to go out into the suburbs and reach out to stakeholders and residents to “I We are not ignoring them.”

She said she reduced crime during the “murder” era when she served as district attorney under then-county attorney Amy Klobuchar. He later resigned from the bench and ran for public office.

“My neighbors and voters in northern Minneapolis believe we need a police department, but we need a police department made up of very good officers. You can’t see reform without it, the police station.”

Edina’s 63-year-old Jarvis Jones is past president of the Hennepin County and Minnesota Bar Association. He admitted to being a loser in the race, but he has been that way all his life.

“I was told I couldn’t become a lawyer and become president of the Minnesota Bar Association. It happened….I’m used to being an underdog.Does that mean I win?

He said voters are being given “the wrong choice between safe streets and social justice reform”. He said it would start by reducing the “large footprint of mass incarceration” from homeless people to low-level crimes such as marijuana possession.

Tad Jude The 70-year-old from Maple Grove is a former Washington County judge, state legislator, and county commissioner.

He said there needs to be a crackdown on crime while closing gaps in the system for the mentally ill and youth.

“Same highway, but I’m in a different lane. A lot of the problems are the same: murder and carjacking and what we’re trying to do about it.”

“A sense of lawlessness permeates Hennepin County to a great extent,” he said.

He added: You just need to handle some basics. ”

Mary Moriarty, 58, of Minneapolis, was Hennepin County’s chief counsel for six years. She said while public safety is an important issue for the office, the prosecutor’s office also needs to work with the attorney general on reproductive rights.

Moriarty said of the findings of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights: The Minneapolis Police Department noted that “prosecutors may have trouble prosecuting violent crimes because the actions of some officers are captured on camera.”

“Both community members and police officers need accountability,” she said, adding that “hardening up on crime” is not the way to achieve public safety.

“Assuming that if you terrorize people and guarantee that you’ll get rid of the bad guys, that’ll keep them safe….It’s not keeping us safe, it’s not keeping us safe. , will continue to increase. The racial disparities we saw.”

Minneapolis’ 63-year-old Paul Ostrow is an Anoka County Assistant Attorney and former Minneapolis City Council Speaker. When he was on the council, he said there was broad consensus among his colleagues about public safety and police support.

“There was nothing to suggest we needed a smaller police department. It’s national now, even in school boards…we’ve moved from problem-solving politics to political theater.”

Ostrow said “minority tyranny” is now endangering public safety in the county, among other factors.

“We are facing two crises at the same time: the violent crime crisis and people’s concerns about public safety.

Saraswati Singh, 38, of Minneapolis, serves as the Ramsey County prosecutor. She has worked with two federal judges, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Attorney General’s Office, and the Hennepin County District Court on violent crime cases.

“I was more than qualified for the job because I was deliberately experienced,” she said.

“Communities are happy to vote for women and people of color who have the skills and experience to do the job. People want real people, so they don’t have to submit for years.” “

She wants to move prosecutors from the Narcotics Squad to the Violent Crimes Squad to address backlogs and racial inequalities. A big part of her job, she said, is to gain the trust of witnesses and victims. She said, “You can’t win a trial unless the witnesses come and testify. If the witnesses don’t trust us, you can’t win.”

Ryan Winkler The 46-year-old from Golden Valley is the Minnesota House Leader. He said he was the only candidate with significant electoral leadership who had spent the past few years tackling the pandemic and passing police reform in a divided government.

He said with a limited number of officers, all subway departments must coordinate resources to solve crimes such as carjackings and gun violence.

“If people don’t feel safe at home, and they don’t feel safe personally, then we can succeed in making this state more inclusive, welcoming everyone, and sharing that opportunity with everyone. “If people don’t feel safe, they won’t be open to working for justice for others. So I’m trying to make a difference for Minnesota like the one I grew up in.” I see it as a condition, a precedent, and a necessary problem to solve in order to continue our work.

Primary will narrow historic seven-candidate field for Hennepin County attorney Source link Primary will narrow historic seven-candidate field for Hennepin County attorney

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