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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-09-11 16:33:00 –

London >> A U.S. court on Monday in a civil lawsuit filed by a woman alleging that Prince Andrew had sexually assaulted him as both sides argued whether he had properly documented the case. We will hold a pretrial meeting.

Female lawyer Virginia Jufre says the document was handed over to the Metropolitan Police Department on August 27, at the front gate of Andrew’s house in Windsor Great Park.

However, according to a September 6 letter mentioned in court documents, the law firm Blackfords, who said it represented Andrew “on certain issues in Britain,” was properly documented. He questioned whether it was or not and raised the possibility of challenging the jurisdiction of the court in the case. Submitted by Giuffre’s lawyer.

“We repeat the reservation of all rights, including the client’s objection to the jurisdiction of US courts (including those based on potentially flawed services),” they write. I am.

The US judge ultimately determines whether the documents have been delivered properly. Judge Lewis Kaplan of the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York will hold the first pretrial meeting of the case via a conference call on Monday.

The prince has repeatedly denied the proceedings filed by Jeffrey Epstein, a longtime whistleblower of the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

When the proceedings were filed last month, legal experts suggested that Andrew had no good choice as Queen Elizabeth II’s second son was trying to restore his image and return to public life.

If the prince tries to ignore the proceedings, he risks finding him by default and ordering him to pay damages. And if he decides to fight, Andrew faces years of stupid headlines as the case goes through court.

Giffre’s lawyer, David Boyes, said in a court document that it was unbelievable that Andrew was unaware of the proceedings.

“The Black Fors lawyer, who clearly instructed him to evade the service and fight, confirmed that Prince Andrew himself was already aware of the case and was assessing his potential for success.” Boys wrote. “And even if Blackfors didn’t confirm that much, the other conclusions would be unbelievable. Reputable media around the world reported on plaintiffs’ filing of complaints, saying thousands of cases. Hundreds, if not all, articles have been published. “

The proceedings are another undesirable story for the royal family, reminding the public of their connection to Epstein two years after Andrew’s death. The British royal family is also still recovering from the claims of racism and insensitivity leveled to them by Prince Harry and his wife, Megan, earlier this year.

Prince Andrew’s lawyers question legal documents served over sexual assault allegations Source link Prince Andrew’s lawyers question legal documents served over sexual assault allegations

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