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Washington, District of Columbia 2021-05-05 19:09:57 –

Prince George’s County Government Officer Angela Alsobrooks has a summer of 2021 13-year-old King Douglas allegedly shot dead by a 12-year-old boy last month. Arseau Brooks said killings are part of an increasing national trend in juvenile delinquency, exacerbated by the lack of positive alternatives under COVID-19 restrictions.

The county’s plans to thwart annoying tendencies include increasing the options for activities that help young people emotionally heal from the pandemic and provide more positive options.

“I completely reject the reality that children in Prince George’s County should die on the streets,” said Alsobrooks.

Police said nearly 100 unsupervised children had gathered outside Dave & Buster’s at Capitol Heights’ Ritchie Station Marketplace when the shooting took place.

In all of 2020, a boy in Prince George’s County was responsible for 49 Carjack cases and 7 murders. So far in 2021, they are already responsible for 13 Carjack cases and 4 murders. King’s murder was up to date.

“I’m not saying anything about King Douglas and the child who killed him, but I’m saying something really strong about the adults in our community, and that’s why we’re responding,” Arseau said. Brooks said.

The county is dedicated to King’s memory this summer with a powerful program by the county’s Parks and Recreation Department focused on education, entrepreneurship, experience and fun.

“It’s our responsibility and every adult needs to step up and help,” said Elizabeth Hulett of the Maryland National Capital Park Planning Commission. “We are a village. We must act like a village.”

The program runs from 9am to midnight and focuses on stores outside teens’ business hours.

“There is midnight basketball,” said Angel Waldron, spokesman for Prince George’s County Parks and Recreation.

Near the beginning of the pandemic, Alsobrooks ordered the removal of nearly 200 basketball hoops in the county to extend social distance. The hoops are now back and the basketball court should be fully functional by this weekend.

County officials said they would soon roll back the COVID-19 restrictions to allow children to participate in more park and recreational activities.For a complete list of activities, please visit pgparks.com..

Brooks added that while the government was playing its role, the rest was up to the community.

“We believe that children act as mirrors and what they see in the mirror is what we give them,” she said.

Prince George’s to Expand Youth Summer Programs Amid Rise in Juvenile Crimes – NBC4 Washington Source link Prince George’s to Expand Youth Summer Programs Amid Rise in Juvenile Crimes – NBC4 Washington

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